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Tue May 13, 2003 11:00 pm
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Wed Apr 13, 2005 8:43 am
Imladris (all right.. all right... Try not to get your knickers in a twist.. Singapore)
I'm not much of a computer person (I have an unfortunate tendency to crash them where ever I go... *winces*) and therefore have not set up any groups, mailing lists, archives, etc. Way much more of a prowler... forever just skulking around on the edges and every once in a blue moon putting in my two cents worth... be it wanted or not. *Grin*

Cheryl Ann Alexis Christopher; Mass Communications student; Roman Catholic; 5'6"; 34"24"34"; anathema: giant moths, beetles and sharks; likes Italian cuisine; lavender; English rose; Scarlet and Sable; 1967 Plymouth Belvedere convertible; Ruby, Emerald, Dark Sapphire; Enya, Eminem, Linkin Park; Reading novels (supernatural, historical romance, thrillers, mysteries) and fan fiction (writing it too), designing gowns, swimming, shopping, watching dramas.

Dream gown: An Elvish raiment of opulent cardinal chiffon-silk; scarlet georgette wide bell sleeves; a translucent overlayer of claret gossamer; a low, square-cut, tight-fitting bodice with intricate silver intertwining leaf and vine designs; a sable mantle, to be clasped at the throat with a blood-red ruby gem; and a bejewelled coronet to match. (Ha! Yeah right. Like I’m ever going to able to afford to such a costume!)

And this is my alias' profile:
Name: Mîrwen Amrúniel (Jewel Maiden, Morning Star)
Born: In the year T.A. 287 on the 18th of Carmine (July)
Race: Noldorin elf of Imladris
Birth jewel: Ruby
Hair: Ebony
Eyes: Dark Sapphire (lavender-blue)
Kin: Daughter of Elrond and Celebrían
Sister of Elladan, Elrohir, Estel and Arwen Undómiel
Granddaughter of Eärendil and Elwing (paternal) &
Celeborn and Galadriel (maternal)
Soulmate: In the year T.A. 2990, S.R. 1390, betrothed to Legolas, Greenleaf [born in the year T.A. 87 on the 25th of Víressë (April)], Elven Crown Prince of Eryn Lasgalen (Greenwood, which is now said to be given the name of Mirkwood in the common Speech). They troth plighted on the knoll Rómen Malinga in Imladris on the Ides of Nénimë (February) and wedded in the year T.A. 3019, S.R. 1419, circa the Summer solstice, (the day betwixt June and July) Midsummer's Day in the High City of the Kings in Gondor.

Sword: Culelenril (Golden-red star brilliance)
Horse: Fëanárel (Spirited fire-star)
Pendant: Amrúniel* [(Mornstar) This looks exactly like Arwen’s Evenstar pendant, except the jewel in the center is shaped like a Celtic cross, with the four ends resembling arrow heads.]
Weapons of choice: Longbow and twin, long, ebony-hafted, Elven daggers with very detailed flowing gold filigree etched into the sleek, polished wood.
Handmaidens: Laursil & Elenril Tinsilwing
Fears: Giant moths
Enjoys: Target practise; training using hand-to-hand combat techniques; horse-back riding; hunting with pet kestrels (small falcons) and climbing trees to curl up on a branch and read there in serenity.


'...But Legolas asked them to take off saddle and rein. "I need them not," he said, and leaped lightly up, and to their wonder Arod was tame and willing beneath him...' -Excerpt from ‘The Two Towers’ by J.R.R. Tolkien
"Well... who wouldn't be?!" -Quote from me*

*(Taken from a Henneth Aunnun yahoo group member's cute sig. Sorry, girl! *winces apologetically* I can't remember your name at this point, but if you could message me, I'll gladly credit you. ;p)