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Joined: 22 Aug 2004
Stories: 6
Location: USA
The Trees Remember (R)   Average 4.3Average 4.3Average 4.3Average 4.3(20)

Herein lies the tale of those Elves who defied the Grace of the Valar and sailed not to Valinor. For years uncounted, they remained sundered from their High-elven kin. The Valinórean Elves wondered often about their lost friends, and how they faired in the ever changing world of Men. But no more. In the year 1942 of the Sixth Age, they united once again in Arda.

2005 MEFA Elladan & Elrohir, Sons of Elrond Award (3rd Place)
Post-Ring War Incomplete

Published: 29 Dec 2004 -:- Updated: 30 Dec 2005
Chapters [37] -:- Words [112,216] -:- Type [Action/adventure] -:- Warnings [Holocaust ref.; violence; sexual situations] -:- Principal Characters [Haldir; Legolas; Elladan; Elrohir; some surprises] -:- Reviews [101] -:- Category [Tolkien - Alternate Universe (AU)]
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