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Title: Spoils of War (#3123)
Author: Rhapsody
Chapters: 1

Archive: Babylon 5
Category: General
Description: What did Marcus Cole say to Susan Ivanova before he sacrificed his life for her? Written for the OSA Drabble Challenge #2: Medals & Honour. Fab Beta and cheerleader: Trekqueen!
Published: 24 Nov 2006
Updated: 24 Nov 2006
Type: Tragedy
Characters: Marcus Cole;Susan Ivanova

Chapter 1 - Spoils of War

What honour is there in this? What use is there to claim victory in my heart when mine is ripped apart to see you lying there. It should not have been you, but me. I, who has failed before. I, who should have been punished for your heroism to take on those Earth Destroyers. It was you who issued the command and should claim victory in your heart. Maybe Delenn is right, maybe I will never be able to forgive myself that I lost my brother, but I will never be able to live to know I let you die.


Inspiration came from this quote and ofcourse remembering Endgame and Rising Star again:
"The Minbari taught me: 'Claim victory in your heart and the Universe will follow.'"
"Fine, great. Claim victory in your heart and up your--"
-- Marcus and Ivanova in Babylon 5:"Voices of Authority"

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