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Reviews for "Half-brother in Blood, Full Brother in Heart"

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Tue Aug 03, 2010 7:48 am

I believe that you've conveyed the complexity of this situation (frankly, I don't envy the House of Finwe and never will) perfectly. This is one big mess, isn't it? The rift between the brothers, plus the conflict within the family, and Melkor's machinations to further estrange the people loyal to Feanor and those devoted to Fingolfin. Add the women to the mixture, and you have war at your doorstep, no?

That said, I love how you portrayed Fingolfin as the calmer, but still conflicted man, leader and a loving and loyal son. Feanor -- well, there is an accurate line about him in your story. He acts like a child -- takes his toys and leaves the playground, sort of. But he one who disappoints the most in the whole scheme of things is in my opinion Finwe. He seems weak and backs off when he should stand up and yell, 'I am the king, damn it!'. That might have even saved his life later on.

Well written, interesting story, Al. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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