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Prayer of the Rohirrim (alt title: We Of The Sword)

Chapter 1: Host of the Bold

by ADionne

"And the earth shook and trembled with the sound of unleashed war- the Rohirrim rode."

Blessed fathers before us, guide our hands surely and swiftly to the flesh of our enemy. May you strengthen us when our courage fails and share your wisdom when our need grows great. Grant us honor at our darkest hour and if we meet our death in battle, accept us among you and allow us to take our place within your halls.

We are the sons and daughters* of the sword. The open fields are our mother's breast and our steeds instruct us of the honor of our fathers. Our lungs burn with the language of war and our brow carries the flash of steel. We are the Rohirrim. We are the free.


* I debated long with myself whether or not to include 'and daughters.' In the end, however, I deemed that since the Rohirrim had a tradition of shield-maidens this prayer should contain them.