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The Old Man

Chapter 2: Epilogue

by Elanor

Dedicated to all of you who wanted me to write another chapter, i.e.: Trin, Cathy, Landorie, Puck, Eph, Taraisilwen, Cheryl, Emmithar and especially Carrie! It is them you should thank for this little piece of writing!

I just heard I officially passed my final exams (3hrs ago) and thought I would share this moment with you by posting this epilogue and though I fear this epilogue is of worse quality than the actual story, I tried anyway. Please tell me what you think of it, constructive criticism will be highly appreciated, flames will be used for a bonfire to ritually burn my school-books…

Title: The Old man (Epilogue)
Author: Elanor
Feedback: elanor_@wanadoo.nl
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Summary: Young Estel wants to go the feast on the occasion of Gandalf’s arrival to Rivendell, but he isn’t allowed to stay up that late. Will Estel obey his father or will his mischievous side get the better of him?
Author's Note: This epilogue is written at the insistence of Carrie and Puck. This is only an epilogue, but I’ll probably write an sequel about Estel’s revenge too, but first I have to finish An Estel Story…
Disclaimer: I can only wish I owned anything, but unfortunately everything is Tolkien’s, except for a cuddly toy……, well at least it’s *Estel’s* cuddly toy

The Old Man (Epilogue)

Estel was walking through the woods as he suddenly saw a silver deer, he notched an arrow and shot once. The arrow embedded itself in the animal’s shoulder and it sank to the ground graciously, not a single drop of blood flowing from the wound. The ungulate looked at Estel with its beautiful eyes, as if thanking him and telling him that it was honoured that it was Estel who had shot it.

However, as Estel came closer, he felt pity for the animal and pulled the arrow out of the flesh in one fluent movement, not hurting the deer at all. There was no wound and the silver animal stood once more, pushing its head against Estel like a horse and Estel patted it on the flank. The deer bowed its neck and allowed Estel to climb on the soft silver back. At first the deer started trotting carefully, until Estel had gotten used to its pace and then it took off, making Estel pull his arms around the silver neck tightly to hold on as it sprang forward, dashing off at an unimaginable speed, rushing through the land. Open fields and hilled grassland they passed, the colours of nature swirling around them like a tornado, but the deer did not stop. Estel was thrilled and enjoyed every moment of his ride, but eventually he got bored and asked the deer to stop and suddenly they were back in the forest where they had met. Estel slid off the deer’s neck and after a short goodbye it walked away, a silver dot below the horizon.

The human started walking and though he was alone, he felt wonderful. Trees, flowers and other vegetation surrounded him, as butterflies were floating through the air and the birds were chirping merrily. Laughing he jumped over brooklets, until he suddenly saw a big rose-bush with roses coloured in the deepest burgundy he had ever seen, contrasting beautifully with the deep dark green colour of the bush itself. Both the looks and the sweet scent of the roses tempted him to come closer and Estel could not resist their charm. He neared the plant and admired the flowers from close by, then he turned around and saw a gallery of trees, forming an arc. As he walked under it, a refreshing shower of blossom descended on him and a reviving fragrance filled the air. Wanting to feel the gentle touch of the soft petals on his face, he closed his eyes and raised his head upwards, as…

…a big splash of icy cold water hit him.

He opened his eyes, but the sensation of being dunked by a tsunami had not disappeared. Still a little groggy from his sleep, he looked at his grinning brothers in confusion. ‘Why am I wet? And what are they doing in here?’

‘Wake up, sleepy head!’ someone shouted in his ear. Judging by the enthusiasm in the voice, it was probably Elrohir; Elladan suffered from a mild case of morning crossness and wouldn’t be so merry at this early hour.

Slowly coming fully awake after some more screams of the younger twin that would probably have roused a drunk orc he took a second look at his widely grinning brothers. ‘Way too widely grinning.’

Diverting his eyes from his brothers’ merry faces, he searched them, until his gaze met a still dripping bucket that Elladan tried to hide in vain.

While Elladan realised the danger he was in and made an attempt at leaving the room unobtrusively (the keyword being attempt), Elrohir seemed ignorant he was threading on dangerous ground and was still shouting at Estel. ‘Have you forgotten who’s at our home at this moment? If you still want to meet Mithrandir you will have to hurry!’

At the mention of the wizard’s name Estel’s irritation disappeared like snow before the sun and he jumped out of his bed, not even aware of the droplets of water that were dripping down his body. ‘Then get out of my room so I can change!’

Elrohir looked ready to argue, but Elladan lunged forward to cover his brother’s mouth. ‘Okay, Estel. Don’t worry, we’ll leave!’

Dragging a protesting Elrohir with him, Elladan fled the room; the bucket laying forgotten in a corner of the Lhasbelin room.

Estel was eager for his meeting with the Istar and did not even bother to dry his hair properly. ‘Who cares about my hair? It’s messy anyway, no matter what I do. It’s not as if I can do anything that’ll help!’

Getting dressed in record time, Estel ran down the hall to the Medad room, the room the small family usually dined in. Turning a corner at top speed, he bumped into his father.

Elrond bit down a smile at the sight of his youngest, the boy’s eyes twinkled with excitement and anticipation. His dark hair was a mess, completely tousled and soaking wet.

‘Maer aur, Estel,’ he said.

‘Maer aur, ada,’ answered Estel happily, as father and son proceeded to the Medad room.

‘You look a bit tired, my son. Did you sleep well last night?’

Estel’s cheerful mood dropped a notch. ‘This doesn’t feel right, he knows something.’

‘I look tired?’ he responded after a moment’s hesitation, pretending to be surprised. ‘I don’t know why? I slept like an angel! In fact, I haven’t slept this well for ages!’

‘So you weren’t upset about the fact I didn’t allow you to attend the feast?’

Estel gulped. ‘Oh Valar, he knows! These questions are just a little too accidental and innocent. Maybe Elladan and Elrohir were right after all!’ It surely wouldn’t be the first time his ada seemed to be able to read his sons’ minds.

‘Well, your reasoning was fully understandable,’ Estel began nervously. ‘You only forbade me for my own good and I’m sure you had the best intentions when you said no. I know you did not want to deny me the pleasure of the party, but only wanted me to have a good night’s rest and…’

Elrond raised a hand, stopping the flood of words, much to the relief of the human. ‘I know why I forbade you to go the party.’

Meanwhile they had arrived at the entrance of the Medad room and though Estel was still cautiously trying to gauge how much his father knew, curiosity for the unknown got the better of him, easily winning over the worry about his punishment and he looked through the dining room in search of a wizardly figure.

However, to Estel’s disappointment the only unusual presence was that of the old man, who was sitting with his back to the door. Estel was surprised to find him sitting at the family table.

A tad unsure he looked at his father, who was smiling broadly by now and gave him a encouraging push into the room.

Approaching the figure slowly, Estel’s anxiousness grew. ‘Sweet Eru, please, don’t let this be Mithrandir! I don’t think I could live with the embarrassment.’

As the old man turned around, Elrond put a hand on his son’s shoulder, holding it in a secure grip. ‘Estel, I’d like you to meet Mithrandir.’

Estel closed his eyes, mentally shaking his head. ‘No, this isn’t happening. It’s all just a strange nightmare, when I open my eyes I will not be in the Medad room but in my bed.’

He opened his eyes. ‘Darn.’

As Mithrandir was looking at him expectantly he realised everyone was waiting for him to say something. ‘Ah, erm, I’m very pleased to meet you, Sir. Unfortunately I forgot something in my room and I need to recollect that something right now,’ he said, trying to get some distance between him and the wizard. However, Elrond’s hand on the boy’s shoulder tightened a little, effectively blocking his escape. Producing a rather forced smile he added: ‘But I guess it can wait till after breakfast.’

Mithrandir just nodded reassuringly and leaned over to the boy, speaking so softly that even Elrond couldn’t hear what the Istar whispered in the human’s ear. ‘Whatever we discussed yesterday evening will stay between the two of us. And there’s no need to be ashamed that you didn’t know who I was,’ he said, a smile creeping into those last words.

Giving the wizard a playful glare, Estel whispered back: ‘You could’ve at least given me a hint!’

He had not intended to let his family hear this, but unfortunately he was not a wizard, nor an Elf; which resulted in the fact that his whisper was not nearly as soft as Mithrandir’s had been and naturally his whole family had heard his words.

‘You two have met before?’ Elrohir asked confusedly.

‘Don’t tell me you sneaked to the feast yesterday, Estel,’ Elladan sighed, understanding his youngest brother’s mind immediately, as it was not unlike his own.

‘That would explain why we couldn’t wake him this morning,’ mumbled Elrohir, finally getting the implications of Estel’s previous remark.

‘I…,’ began Estel, but then he sighed. ‘Please, don’t be angry; I only wanted to meet a wizard, it was too great an opportunity to miss, I simply couldn’t resist.’

‘Iston, nin ion,’ Elrond said, turning the boy around.

The Elven Lord looked at his son earnestly. ‘But you must understand that I do not forbid you things because I want to, but because I have to. You know you’re not indestructible, though you might think so and sometimes even feel that way. But you’re still young and need your sleep.

‘You also need to learn the virtues of patience and obedience. We have discussed these matters countless times and I do not believe you still don’t understand them. Is it really necessary to go through the whole lecture again?’

‘No, ada, I knew I was wrong,’ Estel said, his eyes cast on the ground, speaking from his heart. ‘And I’m truly sorry about it. It won’t happen ever again.’

He waited a moment for the words to sink in, then he looked up to meet his father’s eyes. ‘Are you still angry with me, ada?’

Elrond’s heart melted at the pleading puppy dog eyes Estel gave him. ‘No, nin ion.’

Estel grinned impishly. ‘Yes ada. I understand.’ Privately he added: ‘If Ada isn’t angry with me, maybe it’ll be safe to execute my revenge plan even tomorrow.’

‘But don’t get me wrong: the next time you pull a stunt like that you’ll be grounded for longer than you can imagine and your bottom will be sore for the next decade.’

Estel quickly decided not to push his luck. ‘My revenge will have to wait a day or two.’

Aloud he continued, trying to find out how far his father’s leniency went. ‘Though it wasn’t really necessary to warn me, I never pull stunts.’

‘Estel,’ warned Elrond, his eyes turning dark and a dangerous glint resided in them.

‘Maybe a week or two would be wiser…’

He thought it best to break the slight tension. ‘But I never get into trouble!’ he cried out in jest.

Through the twins’ sniggers, Elrond responded, rolling his eyes. ‘Estel, not only do you attract trouble like honey, you even go looking for it!’

Estel only grinned.

-The End-
(for real this time)

Maer aur = good morning

Medad (room) = dining (room)

Nin ion = my son

Ada = father (daddy)

Iston = I know

= = = = = =

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