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Elfling At War: The Council of Thranduil

Chapter 2: 2/2

by sivan

A/N: Forgive me for the long time.

Title: The Council of Thranduil – Interlude 1

Series: Elfling At War

Author: Sivan Shemesh sivan325@walla.com


Rating: PG-13

Warning: Angst full ahead, fluff, and torture… OC’s.

Disclaimer: Characters belong to Tolkien. I just borrowed them for my own evil plans.

Spoiler: Total AU.

Summary: Thranduil had a tough choice to make, which involved Legolas, his elfling.

Note: Legolas is a mere elfling, not yet an adult.

Note2: The first part in “Elfling At War” series.

Interlude 1


Ťhrinān walked with his father through the hallway, as they headed to the king’s room.

Thranduil was fortunate that his eldest was with him, giving him his full support, and helping him write the message down. Without him, Thranduil did not know what he would do.

He stared at the blank parchment and could do nothing except think of Legolas, his missing son, and take all the blame upon his shoulders.

“Adar?” Ťhrinān called, bringing his fathers father from his deepest thoughts.

“What?” Thranduil asked as if he was caught off guard.

“Write, let Lord Elrond knows about Greenleaf, so he can take care of him.” Ťhrinān tried to encourage his father.

Thranduil set the feather, ready to write. But instead of words, tears fell down and wet the parchment.

“Here, let me help you with that.” Ťhrinān said as he took it from his father’s hands, ready to write.

“Tell him what happened…” Thranduil cried.

Ťhrinān stared at his father and asked as gently as he could, “What happened here should stay with us. I do not want him to hurt Greenleaf more that he is now. He is my little brother, and your youngest ion. Do you wish him hurt by telling them what happened? He already felt ashamed and guilty for what had happened, that is why he left us…”

Thranduil wiped the tears away as he tried to be stronger for his sons, he took a deep breath and answered, “You are right my son, I am blessed you are with me…”

“Then,” Ťhrinān lowered his head over the damp, empty parchment and asked, “What should I write?”

“Let him know that my elfling is on his way… and ask him to take care of him…”

“Help me with that Adar…” Ťhrinān said as he too found himself staring over the parchment.

“Write…” Thranduil said to him, as he was ready to guide his son on what to say, although it was hard, with the pain inside of him.

“To Lord Elrond…

There was an incident in our kingdom… and Princeling Legolas, my youngest son, has left.

I am asking you to take care of him, saes do not let him get hurt more than he was.

Best regards,

King Thranduil.”

Ťhrinān stared over the parchment, and asked with a heavy heart, “Adar, are you sure you want it send? The lord will get suspicious, and Adar, do not forget that he is a healer, he might want to check to see if there is any injury on his body.”

“Aye, it is… I want him to take care of him, I do not want to see him more hurt than he was inside, all the mental anguish as he blames himself.” Thranduil replied to his son.



One week later…

The messenger reached Imladris, hoping to see Lord Elrond and give him the urgent message from his king.

The guards led him safely to Lord Elrond’s room.

Lord Elrond appeared with Aragorn as they stared curiously at the messenger.

Lord Elrond noticed the green colors that decorated the clothes that the messenger wore and thought of Mirkwood, as he hoped that nothing bad has happened.

“What is it?” Elrond asked the tired messenger.

He took note of the weary eyes in front of him and noticed the pallor of the messenger’s face, and thought ‘It must be something important if the elf did not take at least one quick rest.’

Before the messenger said a word, Elrond noticed him trying to take a step, but instead he collapsed.

“Take him to the healing room,” he instructed the guards, and then he turned to Aragorn, “You are coming with me.”

When they were inside of the healing room, the Healer started to work on the messenger’s weary body, he found the parchment in his clothes, and put it aside. After taking care of him, he sat next to the messenger and started to open the parchment.

Aragorn stared over him with concern, he asked, “What is it, Adar?”

“It is from King Thranduil, Legolas’ father.” Elrond replied as he noticed the frown on his son’s face, and thought, ‘Did I not tell you about him being a prince? I thought I did.’

“Is he a prince? He never told me… why did he hide his identity from me?” Aragorn asked his father.

Elrond nodded, but he found he had no answer for his son’s second question.

“Why?” Aragorn asked again.

“I do not know… maybe you should ask him yourself, after all he is your mellon.” Elrond replied as he watched his son.

“You are right, I will do it, … now, what was said in the parchment?” Aragorn asked.

“Here, read it yourself…” Elrond handed him the parchment, as he studied the messenger.

“I wonder what happened there…” Aragorn wondered.


“Have you said anything?” Elrond asked.

“No…” Aragorn replied, seemed slightly confused by his father’s words.

“Gollum…” the messenger mumbled.

“What about that creature?” Elrond asked, his voice curious.

“… He escaped…”

“WHAT?” both of them called. They never expected this to happen.

“Is this why Legolas came in the first place?” Aragorn asked.

“I… yes, I think…” the messenger replied.

The End…

See you in the next part of Elfling At War…


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14 Jul 2006
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