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Life is a journey, a path on itself...

Chapter 1: The training at the Academy

by AikariSalmarinian

Life is a journey along paths of intellect, feelings, and eagerness of listening and learning by experiences turning into essential knowledge. My dad learned that life is a road. You wander it and you canít leave it. The oxygen around is my fuel, just as foods and drinks and warm clothing, primary needs. It is impossible to be without.
Despite my youth I have seen much in life. Too much I think sometimes. I am alone despite secondary family of motherís side in the Arabanth system. My mam was an exiled woman, it happened short before she married my father. From the systems in the Hapes Consortium it is known that the inhabitants are very handsome and that they never leave the Consortium. It is forbidden. My dad is a different story. They taught me well. My friends Nick Nevonda (human) and Nittaruíadu (chiss), known as Nittu, know that. They are my friends from Imperial Academy.

Life is a gift you canít throw away as if it is nothing. It is an opportunity to share bounds and learn something of love and relationship. I had a good father until he died. He told me he would always be with me. I havenít figured out yet what he meant by it. Most of all I think that it is about my memories to keep me from doing bad things and taking wrong paths.
Life can also be a curse, it was the day I was alone in a hostile world, all on myself and nobody at my help. I had much gone through and more would be there in the future. I have neither home planet nor a quiet place to liveÖ

I was born to be named Keiran Skywalker. The great Jedi master was my grandfather, but I never knew him. I got basic training by my father. I always remained quiet about my inheritance. I was from a family of powerful and ruling people, royalty and natural leaders. Weird or not, but I got also impatience and a disinterest in power with me. An impatience that was difficult to handle. My father knew how to deal with it, but now I was on my own. Nittu and Nick knew quite a lot about me. We learned each other to know in the big mess hall of the main building. We all had dinner there. Together with Nick I was new. Nittu was enlisted longer, he had already done the basics and studied how to become and officer. All tables were occupied; I settled down beneath a statue and dined there. I dreamed about a new future. After dinner I discovered I sat at the feet of one of the founders of the Empire. Quarrels and arrests were every day and the guardians like to intimidate new recruits. They were easy to pick out by their badges on which name and rank stood. For the first weeks it was my place there at the feet of the statue, sitting comfortable. Nick had already friends and dined with laughter at one of the tables, until it became clear his friends joked on him in a hurting way. He endured it and let it go.
I got sidelong glances of the students and got hard glares of the instructors. Strong-minded had to be beaten to become good and loyal soldiers. Weak-minded were considered to be worthless, but also had their usefulness. Nick and I found each other with breakfast and dinner and talked about our successes and failures. We became good friends, despite I had different classes from him and Nick was for training often in the fields. I remained inside the buildings.

In my free time I was to be found in the library. I was a know visitor there. Nobody could stop me from coming there. I read much, but a lot I knew already from my father and by experiences. My tests results were good. Fighting class was a tale different from the normal lessons. We had to watch more skilled classes and graduations. We had to know how much we had to learn. We were intimidated, became scared. I felt also not very confident. Failures were not accepted, the physical and mental tests were exhausting. Even tired and hungry we got exercises. Unconscious I drew upon my strength used it when it was necessary. We were tortured and humiliated, that brought more fear and anger above in my classmates. Each time one was a victim. We all hated it. This part we had to love it. It got somehow through backing it up in a corner of my mind. Four months later the candidates got their certificates in the big hall of victory. From my class four remained, including me. The colonel had a haggard look in his eyes when I was called up. I felt it for the first time, because my teachers had known me by my military number. Now that number got a name and a personality. He named my qualifications and skills as he had done with the others. I faced him and saluted required from a cadet to a colonel.

Second year was for me a quiet time with lessons, stuff learning from books and data cards. Fighting classes were not difficult either. I knew my opponents moves and moved automatically to it. Often I was a training object. Nobody got hurt in my presence. My identity was kept a secret by the high staff members. All learned to be loyal soldiers. Confidence grew in the cadets and more and more they became as tough as the older year students. They learned to believe in a mighty future. I found truths what contradicted with my believes. I followed what felt right.

The third and last year was a practical year serving in the army and going on all sort of field trips. Most of the time it was to undertake adventures into the planetís wilderness, where the Imperial Academy had its home. On one of the missions I was assigned together with my good friend Nick, we had to disable threads and return to the base on our own. As Nick I wore dark camouflage clothing, not full armour. We needed survival packet, blasters and field glasses. We left all sort of sensory gear and radio at the base. From the secret storages we took what we needed. Fooling people was easy. Nick knew a lot about the planet, stuff he wasnít allowed to know. The discovery of a nice land speeder brought Nick into new ideas, but I urged him to leave it alone. I had a bad feeling about it. When we opened the parts we saw a hotwired engine inside. If Nick had done something like to start the land speeder, we could have been blown up. We could have died. We both got a bit angry about it. We traveled further, meeting more obstacles and groups of students. We remained hidden and helped nobody as was us instructed. A field of mines remained smooth, because we used the roof of a building and the trees to get along. A month later we walked merry through the gates. We had been lost for tracking teams. A surprise waited there, I was the first caught with a stun bold, Nick next. The limpness of my body was quicker over than was wished. They got Nick and dragged him away. I vanished into safety. From the cadets who had returned, I was the only one who escaped. I found them all in a prison camp. I did where I was trained for and that had never happened before in the Academy.
The commotion was clear by the management of the academy. Everybody was interviewed. The commission took me apart, interviewed me also, counseled me again and confronted me with what I had done. I reacted just as they wanted, defensive. They tested me nevertheless, discovering I had the power of my forebears. It explained a lot to them where teacher had bounced in over the years. I didnít make much use of it and moved around like a normal being. I hated sometimes the advantage of it. People with the Jedi heritage werenít around much anymore these days. They returned with my grandfather, but not with thousands there were before the Clone Wars. A lot had died in the Vong War. The management couldnít send me away, but nonetheless they tried, out of fear. The direction couldnít prevent from the news going out, the responses were different. So my fellow students were surprised decently. The last months I became an instructor to first years. I graduated at the end as naval officer. All students became officers from the education I had done. I wore seldom my uniform, but all new officers were proud of it. To me it was my diploma. Most joined immediately the Imperial military and left the system. I remained at the Academy and accepted a teaching position. I taught physical survival techniques to new first years.


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The training at the Academy
22 Feb 2007
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