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Father Figure

Chapter 1: Chapter 1

by sivan

Father Figure

Disclaimer: I wish I could own Chase, but I don't, and that's a shame.
Warning: OOC in case. Angst/fluff?
Spoiler: AU.

Beta by Virgil's grl
Summary: Chase played a role as a son to House when event cross their life.


House read the name that was wrote on the envelope “To Dr. G. House and his son.”

“Son, do you have a son that I don’t know?” Wilson grinned at his friend.

“No, I don’t have one, and it must be a joke.” House was close to tearing the envelope.

“Ask Chase if he willing to be your son.” Foreman suggested as he heard the dialogue between his friends.

“You think that he will agree with it?” House asked.

“I will put a wager on it.” Foreman challenged.

“Count me in.” Wilson agreed for the bet.


Dr. House walked over Dr. Robert Chase, slowly. He looked hesitant as he stared at Chase.
“Is it something that you want, House?” Chase asked without looking at the man who stood beside him.

“Ah, yes…” House started to reply but stopped.

“I’m waiting, I don’t have all day for your question.” Robert grinned at him.

“Would you be my son, at some event that I’m invited to?” Gregory asked him and looks away.


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Chapter 1
15 Sep 2008
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15 Sep 2008