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Love Lament

Chapter 1: Mighty Love

by Anguirel

Love Lament

The characters and places belong to JRR Tolkien, not me. Sorry.

Authorís Note: Not entirely a vignette, but longer than a drabble...itís just short. Thank you plot bunny.

My song was powerful and great. A large booming voice filled with fire and destruction. That was all I could sing, I was too mighty for anything lesser. As we sang, my voice still burning with unquenchable fire, you looked upon me and lamented. I did not understand why your mournful, sweet song sounded so different from the others like mine did, but we were equal then and would be forevermore. Eru stopped me that time, and the next after that; but he did not stop you and I did not know why. But when we arose in song again you sang with sadness and it hurt me. I looked at you and I mourned also but I sang greater to lift yours higher, and you wept.

We descended onto Arda and you looked with enchanting curiosity and wonder. New forms we had when we came, and I would always remember you looking far lovelier and splendid. I took you away from the others one time and I was blissful. But when you looked upon me with your gentle eyes they glistened and you wept once more. Why did you cry? I pondered as I caressed your tears away. I feel power for you, and I hate no more. You said you pitied me greatly, but loved me more. I did not understand, for the only thing I felt for you was love and dark desire that would never be put out. You cried again and wept into my chest tenderly, your tears feeling so warm upon my flesh. You weeping intoxicated me and I claimed your lips with mine. They were damp, and hot and so badly did I want them that I kissed you more. You were the one that broke away, your eyes still moist and your breathing quick, and you lamented again. Why did you lament? Why did you cry? My anger rose again, I did not want you to cry, yet you did. I wanted no pity from you, I wanted your love, and yet you cried and when I struck you across your tearful cheeks you cried no more. Your tender eyes looked upon me with such remorse I felt my own tears fall down my cheeks. Sweet and tenderly you brought a delicate finger to my tears and trailed them down, wiping them away. Oh my love, I felt my lips upon yours again and our bittersweet love went on forevermore.



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Mighty Love
28 Nov 2003
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28 Nov 2003