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Longing For Home

Chapter 1: Chapter 1

by L8Bleumr

Chapter 1

Legolas first laid eyes on her as he walked in his lush forest home. The sun’s rays beautifully washed the woods with its morning light, yet rain threatened in the distance. This was his favorite time of the day, and a morning shower could not be a more welcomed sight, until she came along.

Strolling along the protected forest close to his palace home, Legolas breathed in the morning air, listened to the scurrying of tiny forest creatures and to the trees wake and say hello. Then he heard an unfamiliar sound, one that was out of place from all the usual commotion of the morning. A voice like no other seemed to hang on the slight breeze. It approached him, circling his golden head and caressing his ears. She sang of their home before the darkness fell upon it. The Great Greenwood it was known as then, magical, beautiful . . . a most wonderful land. It had been long since Legolas thought of Mirkwood as anything but dangerous, though it was always lovely to him.

He followed her beautiful smooth voice until he came upon the glade, a place his mother took him to as an elfling. The sun shone down turning the grass the bright color of spring, the season in which he was born and named thusly. Small white flowers bloomed along the edges, the morning dew glistening on their delicate petals. And in the middle of the small clearing, he saw a most beautiful sight. He saw her.

Oh, but she was enchanting, hair to her waist the color of gold and adorned with tiny blue flowers. They crowned her head, tucked in with her braids. She wore a pale yellow dress that left her shoulders bare. Light blue ribbons hung from the sleeves, almost touching the ground. The skirt flowed out around her as she spun on her bare feet. She stretched her arms out to her sides and tilted her head back letting the sun wash over her face. With her eyes closed, she smiled wide as she sang. Lost in the birth of a new morning, the elleth did not know someone watched her.

Legolas remained hidden in the bushes, crouching down on his knees. He cared not that the wet soil stained his leggings. Nothing seemed to matter as he watched the vision of morning dance about the glade. His heart pound loudly in his chest, so much that he was afraid she would hear its rapid beating. Suddenly, his place behind the bushes hindered his sight. He needed to see her without the leaves and branches obstructing his view. He wanted to trace every detail of her loveliness. Legolas stood up and peered out from behind a tree, hoping he was still blending in with his surroundings so as not to disturb her. His plan seemed to be working for the elleth never wavered from her dance or her song.

A cloud now moved in front of the sun, throwing the tiny clearing into shadow. The elleth’s hair no longer shined, but turned to dark copper shade that was just as intriguing. She continued to dance and spin, singing of their home of old. Legolas, caught in her trance stepped out from behind his tree and watched her intently. He wondered how she would feel in his arms or having her head resting on his shoulder. He wanted her to sing to him and only him, make his heart flutter until he thought it would burst.

As she spun around, the damp ground drenching her feet, her eyes slowly opened and came to rest on the intruder. She stopped in the blink of an eye and stared at Legolas with wide eyes, like a doe spooked by hunters. The girl let out a gasp and grabbed her skirts, ready to dash off.

“No wait, please,” Legolas begged sincerely. “Your voice called me here. It is the most beautiful sound I have ever heard. I only wanted to listen to your song, for Greenwood still beckons to me also.”

The elleth stood quite still and entwined her fingers in the pale yellow material of her skirt. “Most have lived in the darkness for so long they do not remember how mesmerizing the Great Greenwood once was.” Her tone was sad and he wished to comfort her.

“But I remember. I was very young, but I remember as if it were yesterday. There was nowhere dark back then. Not even the thick canopy above could keep the sun’s rays from reaching the ground. I would lay right here in this glade bathing in its warmth.”

“You know this place?” she asked curiously.

“My mother brought me here often, when she still lived.” Legolas’ voice trailed off as the hurt and pain of losing her flooded his memory.

The elleth watched him. A moment ago, there was such a bright light in his ocean blue eyes. Now they turned grey and lifeless as he revisited his tragic past. She suddenly felt his sorrow and a tear threatened to grow in the corner of her eye. With his attention diverted, the elleth’s vision traveled down his body. He was very handsome with long platinum hair that hung loose around his face. High cheekbones, square chin and full lips; he was a most striking ellon. “Someone so handsome should not look so forlorn,” she said as she approached him.

Her comforting voice shook Legolas out of his memories. He had not been aware that she came so close and suddenly she had a hold of his hand. “Come, dance with me.” The elleth started singing her lovely tune once again. She started to dance while Legolas merely stood there holding her hand. He was shocked really. Only a moment ago he was afraid she would run off had she noticed him there. Now she was leading him into a dance in the glade. The beautiful girl hummed her melody softly. She smiled at Legolas, enticing him to join her. He raised her hand in the air, his other hand safely tucked behind his back. The Prince led her around the glade, watching her spin as he held her fingers. He moved her from one side of the clearing to the other and all the while, she sang her alluring tune. His eyes fixed on her, this vision of a spring morning. Her song seduced his heart and he felt he could stay here forever with this wondrous creature.

Neither one noticed the sky growing darker grey with each passing minute when suddenly there was a bright flash and a loud clap of thunder. The morning shower Legolas had sensed earlier had now turned into a storm. The elleth immediately stopped dancing and let out a screech as the storm crashed around them. She jumped to the first thing that felt like safety, Legolas’ arms. He pulled her to him and held her tight. Another clap of thunder filled her with fear and she buried her face in his chest. Only a moment ago, he wished to feel her closeness. She felt good in his arms. It felt right and he hoped she felt it too. He gently pulled her away from him and tilted her face up to meet his. Their eyes met as if two universes collided. Legolas felt the pull of his soul to hers. He had searched for something to replace his loss, the loss of his homeland and the loss of his mother. Now he had found it in this elleth’s eyes.

“I have searched everywhere for this kind of peace in my heart. I did not know it would come in the form of a beauty with such unbridled joy,” he whispered.

Lightening flashed again, but the elleth did not notice it now. Legolas’ intense stare mesmerized her. “This is not the first time I have sung to you, my Prince, but it is the first time you have listened. Long have I watched you from afar, wondered who you really were.”

“And do you have your answer?” he asked, lowering his head, his lips parting.

“I knew the answer all along,” she smiled to him. The elleth closed her eyes and wrapped her hand in his long hair. He was so close now. She could feel his warm breath only a hairs width from her lips. For so long had she dreamed of kissing him and--.

The skies opened up with another burst of thunder. The sudden noise distracted Legolas, making him look up. The elleth slipped from his hold, backing away from him. He looked back at her, missing the feel of her in his arms. He was so close to tasting her sweet lips. Why did he look away? “Wait!” he shouted as she backed away from him.

She stopped, the rain drenching her dress until it clung to her body, showing the Prince her supple curves. “It is not our time yet. I am sorry. I should not have lured you here, but I just could not let you go without revealing myself to you.”

Legolas, confused by her words reached out to her, taking a step closer, needing her against him once more. When she backed away from him, he stopped; afraid she would run away before he knew--.

“Who are you, my enchanted lady?” he asked desperately. “Give me but a name so I will know what to whisper on the wind.”

She smiled, her eyes dancing with a special light all their own. “You will know me when you return from your journey.”

He furrowed his brow questioningly. “My journey, but how do you know of it?”

Backing away from him, the elleth spoke once more. “Complete your task. I will be waiting for your return. Only then will I give you my name and my heart.” With that, the elleth dashed off into the woods leaving Legolas standing alone in the glade, rain soaking him to the bone.

“No wait, please!” he begged. He wanted to run after her but his feet were anchored to the ground. “Come back, my lady, my enchantress. Just your name, it is all I ask for. Please?”

* * *

“Legolas . . . Legolas!” said a gruff voice. This was not his fair maiden. This was not the enchanting glade where she danced for him, where she sang her graceful song. No, he was no longer in his palace home or in his comfortable bed. Hard ground was his mattress. Rock was his pillow. The smell of sulfur filled his nostrils.

The elf opened his eyes to the sight of a dwarf, his friend and companion on this long journey. They had been traveling together for many months now and had grown as close as brothers. An elf and a dwarf . . . no one would understand, but they knew. They had lost track of how many times they had saved each other’s skin. It seemed that it did not matter now as they marched to certain death. Rohan, Gondor, they had fought for both and won. This was the final battle. They were marching right into the heart of the enemy, to the black gate of Mordor. A diversion, Legolas had said. It sounded good at the time, but now he longed for another distraction. Had the dwarf not waken him, he would be with her now, tasting her lips and finally keeping her in his strong arms.

Legolas gave Gimli a hardened look, but Gimli ignored him. “You were dreaming again my friend. It was the girl wasn’t it? It is always about the girl.” He huffed and shook his head. “Elves, their heads are in battle but their hearts will always be in love.”

Legolas disregarded his friend’s words. “She is more than a dream, Gimli, but her vision keeps my hope alive.”

“We march into certain death, outnumbered by Sauron’s forces as we knock on their front door, and all you can think about is a pretty elf maiden. I hope she is worth it.” Gimli commented.

Legolas smiled. “She is worth every bruise, every battle. I would face one hundred Nazgul if it meant finding her again and telling her of my love. I only wished I could have told her then what I realize now. She is the one Gimli, and if I make it out with my life, I will ask to marry her.”

Gimli, not one for talk of love and such, understood this elf and patted his shoulder. “You are almost home my friend, and I will take extra care to see that you make it there . . . even if it means laying down my own life to save yours.”

Legolas put aside his thoughts of the mysterious elleth and came to look at the dwarf. “We are friends first, Gimli son of Gloin. While I may have discovered my true love, she is but a dream right now. I will not leave your side. You will not fall. We will both see our homes again.”

“Aye Legolas, friends we are and friends we will always be,” Gimli said sincerely. “And your dream will become reality.” He got up from the rock he was sitting on and sniffed the air. “All this talk of dreams has made me hungry. Care to scour the camp with me and rustle up a few morsels?”

Legolas laughed. “In a moment, my friend. You go on and I will find you.”

“Suit yourself then,” Gimli added and went off mumbling to himself as he often did.

Legolas smiled, watching the dwarf until he disappeared into the mess tent. Then he closed his eyes and tried very hard to hear her voice and her soft words just one more time, but the sounds of the men wandering the camp were too distracting. “Until our next dream, my love,” he whispered. Then he went off to join Gimli and ready his thoughts for one last battle.


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