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'Ah im, -'erin veleth ln?'

Chapter 1: Ah im, -'erin veleth ln?

by xPennyxTallyx

'Ah im, -'erin veleth ln?' - Do I not also have your love?

'Gerich veleth nn, ada' - You have my Love, father.
Arwen shifted her body, so she could lean against her father's slim frame more comfortably. Her actions seemed to urge him to hold her closer, her forehead was pressed against his neck. She felt the muscles in his neck work as he turned his head to gently rest his chin on her head, causing a faint smile to appear on her face. He had done this when she was young, whether she had been upset or just craving his attention. His hand ghosted over her back in rhythmic circles, as a shuddering sigh escaped him.

'Please, Arwen. Sail'