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Daughter of Kings

Chapter 1: Prologue

by darkwolf76

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, places, or stories of Lord of the Rings.

Rivendell TA 2981

Another painful moan broke the silence of the peaceful night in Rivendell. An elvin lord, grim yet concerned, stood outside the chambers from which the cries emanated. He cringed just a bit every time a cry of pain rang out, for what parent wouldn't when it was their child crying out.

Lord Elrond of Rivendell had never wanted any of this for his daughter. He had been furious when he found out she was with child, and unmarried at that. He had not handled it well he would admit, but he had never thought Arwen would be so rash. It had been quite a shock to everyone. He closed his eyes and remembered that day. ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Finally, after a two year stay in Lorien visiting her grandparents, Arwen Undomiel was returning to Rivendell. Elrond missed his daughter terribly and had worried about her much on her journey home. His greatest fear was that Arwen would fall to the same fate as her mother on the treacherous path through the Misty Mountains.

The lord would have gone to fetch her himself but he had matters of the White Council to attend to. He had would have at least felt some what better if he could have sent her brothers Elladan and Elhiror to escort her back, but they were west, traveling with and aiding the Rangers of the North in their fight against Sauron. In their stead he had sent 50 of his best fighters to retrieve his daughter, and Galadriel had assured him that Haldir and some of Lorien's best warriors would accompany her on her journey as well. Only Sauron himself would be able to harm his daughter.

He had sensed the party nearing the city, so he had gathered the population of Rivendell and they all now stood at the gates to welcome their lady home. He stood with the other elvin lords that dwelt in the settlement, smiling as Arwen's party rounded the corner of the cliff and came into view.

Elvin warriors in shining armor and archers with strong bows marched around a lady riding a white horse. Companions walked around her and the warden of Lorien rode alongside her on a steed of his own. Arwen wore a cloak with the hood pulled up, obscuring her face and body from view, but Elrond would recognize his daughter anywhere.

His senses were so clouded with the joy of father reuniting with his daughter that he failed to notice the somber look on Haldir's face, the subdued nature of the companions, or the small flutter of an additional presence within the group. The company came to a stop at the city gates and Haldir and Arwen pulled on their reins to halt their mounts. Haldir gracefully leapt off his horse and then turned to help the lady down from her own horse, though she rebuffed him and jumped down herself. Arwen's hood fell , revealing a head of shining black hair and a nervous expression. The cloak swathed around the her body hid her figure from view.

"My beloved daughter, welcome home!" Elrond exclaimed. He smiled widely, opening his arms and extending them towards his child. Arwen met her father's eyes with nervous yet resolute gaze. She began to step slowly towards him, her hands clutching tightly to the cloak that hid her body. Haldir, with a serious expression on his face, very quickly made his towards Elrond, reaching him before Arwen.

"Greetings my Lord Elrond. I am sorry to be so brusque, but I have something on of great importance I must speak to you about. Perhaps there is some place you, I, and the Lady Arwen can speak alone?"

Elrond looked at Lorien's warden with a strange expression and then glanced at his daughter who had stopped a few paces from him. "Surely, Haldir, whatever it is, it can surely wait long enough for me to greet my daughter." He turned towards his daughter to envelop her in a welcoming embrace.

"My lord- " Haldir called out as he reached towards Elrond's shoulder. Yet, it was too late . Elrond had already embraced his daughter. She returned his embrace tightly.

"I am sorry Ada," she whispered in his ear. He felt something strange beneath her cloak. His hand traveled from Arwen's shoulder to her front and he pulled the cloak open. When it was pulled away, a neat little bump around her stomach area was revealed. As he stared at her gently curving midsection in shock, his senses started to perceive the small flutter of the presence of the new life taking shape within.

"What is this this!?" Elrond growled angrily. He glanced around at the crowd staring at him at shock and concerned curiosity. He looked down at his daughter who looked back at him with imploring eyes. He grabbed Arwen and gently pulled her away to his private chambers. Haldir followed quickly on his heels.

Once they had arrived at their secluded location, Arwen unfastened her cloak and let it fall from her shoulders.

"Ada, I-"

"What happened!? Who did this to you!?" he snapped.

" Ada-"

He turned to Haldir as he entered the room."How did this happen her!? How did Galadriel and Celeborn allow this to happen if they were watching over her!?"

The woodland elf opened his mouth to answer but Arwen beat him to it. "Nothing bad happened Ada. This wasn't intended but I was not forced upon. I was with the baby's father by my own free will."

Elrond turned to look incredulously at his daughter. "Who could bring you under such a spell of love that you would give yourself so rashly to them?" he angrily asked.

His daughter gazed back at him intently, and then he noticed something that she was fiddling with on her finger: a silver ring with emeralds set in it, crafted to look like two serpents eating each other. Arwen was wearing the ring of Bararhir, an heirloom of the heir of Isiludur. There was only one person who could have gifted that to her, someone who had fallen in love with her many years ago. Elrond didn't remember much of the minutes after that, only that he saw red.


Elrond opened his eyes and shook his head. He had made quite a mess of things and declared a long list of horrible things he would do to the young ranger he had fostered. After he had calmed down, he would not speak to Arwen or let her explain for a whole month. When his anger had abated, hers had swelled, and a couple more weeks had passed before they had been able to have a reasonable discussion.

His daughter now labored away to bring her child into the world, a child who should not have been born. He did not even if the child would possess the life of the elder. Arwen's mixed heritage from himself and the blood from the child's mortal father caused him to have doubts that the child would even have a choice between immortality and death like he and his children had had.

The wailing cries of an infant broke his contemplative strain of thought. He turned his head in the direction of the chambers. No more moans of pain came from within, only the squealing of a babe. He cautiously entered the room. Elvin ladies parted for the lord as he made he made his way to the bed. His daughter, sweaty and disheveled, cooed at a tiny bundle that she held in her arms. She looked up at him with glistening eyes and a laughing smile, despite their strained relationship for the past few months.

"Would you like to hold her Ada?" she asked quietly, offering the tiny bundle to her father. He cautiously took the child in to his arms and peered down at her face. The little one had the delicate nose and pretty pink mouth of her mother. The bright blue eyes staring up at Elrond and tufts of dark brown hair peaking out of the blanket reminded the elvin lord of her father. "She is a pretty little one," he chuckled quietly as the child yawned. "Have you chosen a name for her yet?"

Arwen smiled alnd her gray eyes seemed to light up. " Yes. Estelwen."

Elrond nodded and then stared into the child's bright blue eyes. His senses reached out to her mind. She did not have the life of the eldar. She was a mortal. And so it was on that day a daughter of kings and of men was born.