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Poems of Many

Chapter 1: Of Hobbit's

by ArwenEvenstar


Friend of the Golden realm,
Known as the ring bearer in the Rivendell realm
Seeking for the Tower of evil.
With a quest that can not fail
One evil token to destroy Middle-Earth.
The future of many lies in his hands
I speak of Frodo Baggins; the Great Ring bearer.

Master Sam-Wise

Sixth to help Frodo on his great quest,
Second to ring bearer on the great quest.
Lover of gardens ;
Gardener of many gardens.
Friend of elves, men and dwarfs,
Loyal to his friend; Frodo the great ring bearer.

Merry and Pippin
Close cousins they may be,
Making sure not to be left behind; which they will never be.
Friends of elves, men and dwarfs,
Eighth and ninth to help Frodo on the great quest.
Captured by orcís on the great quest.
They shall soon be reunited with their friends once more.


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Chapter name
Of Hobbit's
31 Dec 2003
Last Edited
31 Dec 2003