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Trust To Hope

Chapter 36: Epilogue

by Novedhelion

Riyallyn: Will you quit stalling already!

Novedhelion : I'm not stalling.

Riyallyn: Then why haven't you posted it yet?

Novedhelion: I just don't want it to be over! *whine*

Riyallyn: I know, but, we can't get to the juicy stuff til it is over.

Novedhelion: We have worked on it so long, it's like they are old friends.

Riyallyn: But they still have so much to say, and to do...

Novedhelion: Wait a minute. Juicy stuff? What do you mean, juicy stuff? *wink*

Riyallyn: Yes, juicy stuff.. and *I* know just how much of it there is!

Novedhelion: I promised to keep this one PG 13!

Riyallyn: So end it already so the next one can be rated higher!

Novedhelion: I just can't believe it's over.

Riyallyn: It is kind of sad.

Novedhelion: It is.

Riyallyn: But, all good things must come to an end.

Novedhelion: True.

Riyallyn: And our beloved readers have been patient. They deserve to see the juicy stuff.

Novedhelion: What about our beloved readers who are under 17?

Riyallyn: Hmmm...

Novedhelion: They are too young for that stuff, you know.

Riyallyn: Well, put the warning, they'll be of age soon enough.

Novedhelion: I suppose we will just have to trust them to click "no" when the thing says "I am old enough to read this", right?

Riyallyn: Exactly, I trust them.

Novedhelion: And we know they will do the right thing.

Riyallyn: But of course.

Novedhelion: Absolutely.

Riyallyn: So, are you going to post the epilogue already?

Novedhelion: sigh. Ok. I suppose...

Riyallyn: About time...

Novedhelion: Then I might have to go on vacation to avoid all the furious emails...

Riyallyn: Hehe, good point... don't auto-forward to me, I do have to work sometime.

Novedhelion: Ok...Hey, I got an idea for Book 2...

Riyallyn: Tell me AFTER you post!

Novedhelion: Ok..Ok...posting now....

Riyallyn: Good, off with you then...

Trust To Hope - Epilogue
(If you need to know the rest there are 34 other chapters.)


Some people never find it
Some only pretend...but me,
I just want to live happily ever after every now and then.

Jimmy Buffett
Happily Ever After


Éomer shut the door, clicking the lock. Leaning back on the door, he turned to Anhuil, smiling. “I should change…” she said, a slight tremor in her voice.

Éomer’s dark eyes raked over her appraisingly. “Please do not. You are perfect the way you are.”


Leaving the door, he slid his arms around her, lowering his lips to hers. Anhuil pushed him back, laughing. “Éomer, I need to get out of this dress…”

“Let me help.”

“Very funny.”

“It was not a joke.” He stumbled backward on to the bed, pulling her on top of him. Her hair spilled forward as she leaned down, looking at him.

Cupping her face in his hand, Éomer shook his head. “You are so beautiful.” He flashed her a devilish grin as he flipped her over, landing on top of her, his lips finding her neck.

“This is not how I…” her voice trailed off as her eyes closed.

“Hmm?” his lips continued meandering around her neck and shoulders.

She leaned her head back, allowing him to continue his gentle assault. “Éomer…”

“Yes, my love?” his lips found hers, lightly brushing them as he answered her.

“This is not what I had planned for this night…”

“Mmm...” he responded, pulling back slightly. “Indeed it was not my intent simply to throw you on the bed and ravish you, either,” he admitted teasingly, “regardless of the appeal that idea holds just now.” He brushed the curls from her face, capturing one lock of her hair and wrapping it around his fingertip. “I intend to make our wedding night very special.” His dark gaze held hers. “I believe I made you a promise concerning that.”

“I believe you did,” she conceded.

“Well, then, my love, I suppose I should let you go and prepare, for we have much to discuss,” he said with a mischievous smile.

“I was hoping for a bit more than a discussion,” she remarked coyly, “You did promise something about our own bed...”

His gaze traveled around the room, then settled back on her. “This is not our bed, Ani.”

Anhuil stared at him, puzzled. “What are you saying, Éomer? We are married...”

Éomer sat back, smiling down at her. “No, love. Not yet.”

Anhuil wriggled away from him, sitting up, her emerald eyes widening. “I beg your pardon?”


“Bewitched, bothered and bewildered am I...”
Mel Torme


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07 Jul 2004
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