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Memories of the Passing

Chapter 1: Memories of the Passing

by AAAClub

This is in response to the challenge “If they had a chat.” On openscrolls.

Summary: Faramir and Legolas talking about Boromir

Disclaimer: I do not own The Lord of the Rings; all of the contents belong to J.R.R. Tolkien.


Legolas walked into the houses of healing. The last battle of the War of the Ring had taken its toll on those who fought in it.

He sighed as he made his way through the crowded rooms full of the sick and injured, intent on finding his companions who were wounded.

They were the nine, now eight since the fall of Boromir. Legolas replayed the conversation he had had with Merry and Pippin about Boromir’s last moments on Arda. He had fought bravely.

Legolas looked around the corridors, trying to find the room which at the moment were housing the hobbits but to no avail. He paused; he heard footsteps coming from the path he had just taken. He turned around.

Behind him was a woman, fairly squat in shape and small in size, but by her eyes he could tell she had seen more death and destruction than most of the young warriors being healed at the present time.

“Excuse me.” He called out to her. She stopped as she walked passed him and turned to face the elf.

“What may I do for you my lord.” She inclined her head as she used the title.

“Do you perhaps know the whereabouts of the four Halflings?” She didn’t need to be told what he meant by Halflings, the story of their success and deeds against the dark lord had quickly spread around the city during the week.

“Yes my lord, take the next left down the corridor and head straight towards the back, they are in the last four rooms on the right.”

“Hannon le hiril nin.”

Not understanding what he said but knowing what he meant she replied “Any time my lord.” And with a swish of her skirts she headed down the right passage.

“The left…” he breathed out and turned towards the directed chambers.

As he neared his destination, he paused and looked every now and then to see what the last battle had caused. ‘Just more death and pain.’ Legolas thought to himself.

As Legolas passed countless rooms he stopped as he went passed one of the larger rooms.

“It cannot be…” he whispered to no one in particular.

Inside contained a single man, on with the same build and stature of Boromir, more or less a spitting image of him, or a younger version at the least.

Legolas went inside the room, careful not to disturb some creaking floorboards as to wake the man. He stood a couple of feet away from the foot of the bed.

‘Definatly a relation of Boromir…’ he thought to himself and turned around to leave.

A startled voice behind him made Legolas stop in his tracks.

“Wait.” The voice was strained; the man was wounded with a blow to the shoulder.

“Would you like me to get you anything my lord, a glass of water?” Legolas offered.

“No, that is not necessary. Who are you?” the man asked.

“My name is Legolas.”

“You are one of the nine then.” ‘How does he know?’

The wounded man, obviously saw how confused Legolas was about how he had come of such information quickly said. “The Halfling, Meriadoc told me. Come, sit, I wish to ask you something.”

The look on the mans face was eager. ‘The hobbits won’t go anywhere.’ Legolas thought and sat down at the seat the man gestured to him.

Legolas made his way back into the room and sat. “May I inquire as to you name my lord?” he asked.

“Faramir, son of Denethor, brother to Boromir.” Legolas’ stomach clenched. He had found his connection. Although he was squirming inside, Legolas held a calm, serene face on the outside.

“What would you like to know, Faramir son of Denethor?”



Faramir lowered his head in reverence. “Yes, I…just wanted to know if he said anything about…”


“Gondor. Father, and yes, me.”

Legolas let out a breath and then calmly stated. “He loved this city. He loved his father, but most of all he loved you. Don’t forget that. He chose to do what he did in order to save all that he held dearest to him. What ever he did he always had everything at home in mind.”

Faramir looked up at the elf with thanks written in his eyes. “Thanks you.”

Legolas smiled and started to head out the door. “You should get some more rest.”

“You are starting to sound like Boromir when I was sick.” I smile started tugging on Faramir’s lips.

“Then he was wise.” Legolas left it at that and closed the door behind him.


OK, so what did you guys think? Feedback would be great. Thanks! AAAClub!