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PostPosted: Thu Jul 03, 2003 10:02 pm    Post subject: Scribblings Reply with quote

Hey you all,

Having been warned off with deadly instruments by Dolarabee, I had to abandon my quest to seek out Karl Urban. Saw After the Deluge, a great Aussie mini-series with Hugo Weaving and David Wenham, and am now developing a fine appreciation for the Master of Rivendell and Faramir respectively and they both live in the same city as I do..Very Happy

Anyhow, back to business. Nice to see the Forum being used. There's a couple of lively debates, my personal favourite being Elves among Us that asks to name who you'd think would make a great elf. Great topic, Sindohte. Once again, feel free to discuss anything you wish, the forum will allow you discuss subjects that may not adhere to the guidelines as long as you post a suitable warning for those who may object to the subject matter.

Someone asked if it was alright to plug the archive on other sites, yes it is alright. We have banners for that purpose. You can find them by following the Guidelines link which will lead you to the <a href="http://www.openscrolls.net/fanfic/guide.php?pagenum=5">LINKS link</a>. This will show you how to download banners for posting on other sites. Just one little note of caution, make clear that the archive is non-slash if you post on a site that supports slash, I don't like telling people with good fics of slash genre to go away because this site does not host them.

Finally, if anyone has any problems with passwords and such, please contact your friendly neighbourhood RPG (Rob the Programmer Guy....hey that works!) or the support staff in general. DO NOT re-register as we will run into all sorts of security problems and poor Dolarabee will be getting no NOOKIE because he'll be too busy trying to sort out passwords and usernames,etc. She gets antsy when I look at Karl Urban the wrong way so imagine if my archive occupies her husband unnecessarily....she's in driving distance you know.

That's all for now, going to rent Priscilla, Queen of the Desert because I have this need to see Elrond sing Mamma Mia and General Zod flip his hair...
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