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For Legolas/Orlando fans

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 06, 2005 3:23 pm    Post subject: Ms Bosworth Reply with quote

Keep in mind that Ms. Bosworth is a very young girl/woman! Wink Wink

Ai, Elbereth, to be in one's 20s again... Laughing


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PostPosted: Sun Feb 06, 2005 3:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yes, the twenties. I think when I was twenty we said, "OH my God, like totally awesome. Tubular!" or something equally intelligent. I have a video of myself that my parents made at some birthday party. I can barely understand myself when I watch it now! Too funny. Very Happy
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 06, 2005 5:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Eruanna wrote:

I am sorry to hear about the "bubblehead" part. It is hard to make a call on celebrities until one sees them in person. Even the best actors cannot hide being jerks or bubbleheads when they are standing in front of us. Their body language will betray them.

My pals who have been to LOTR conventions say that the LOTR cast always seem warm and welcoming with their fans and the press.

It must be hard to be famous and rich sometimes...


Thoughs on Bloom/Bosworth -
I suspected she was a bubblehead. I have seen a couple of clips of her talking and she seemed that way. Orlando had been quoted at one time saying he like "nice, sweet" girls which she probably was. Don't have to be a brain to be nice and sweet. Some guys like to be smarter and more successful that their girlfriend/wife I am not saying that Orlando fits into either category because I don't know him. But if he likes sweet girls and she is sweet - she doesn't have to be smart. He appears to be smart - but who knows - maybe he just has me fooled.

On the LOTR cast -
I think that the LOTR cast being the way are has to do with a few factors.
First, with the exception of Sean Astin, everyone was away from their family and friends for months/years. They formed a bond because of their own isolation from others.
Second, the cast was relative young (the ones that are usually together) and so they had that in common. Add alcohol and you have a great friendship!
Third, they were in a country that was so gracious to them that even though some of them were virtual nobodys before the movie came out, they were treated as if they were royalty which increased once the movies were out.
Fourth, they believed in what they were doing. Even though no one thought it would be this big, most of them were fans of the book and all of them seemed to feel great affection for the story. This wasn't just "some movie". It was an experince. They had to train many hours for the stunts they did, they worked for 18 months on it, and I truly think they all believed in what they were doing. If it was such an experience for us to watch it, I imagine it was a huge experience for them made only bigger when the films were such huge hits.

As for Bosworth, I have no particular affection for her because she has only been in one movie that I have ever seen. Her movies are not my cup of tea. I wish her the best because I imagine a public breakup is hard for any 22 yr old. I can remember private ones being devasting. I cringe at the thought of having all of it caught on film or in print.

As for Bloom, I suspect he will be another Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt. He will get married later (late 30s) when he is ready. I hope he doesn't go through women like Johnny did back in his heyday. I still hold out hope that Brad and Jennifer will work it out. But right now, Orlando is on fire. He seems to have the midas touch. I saw the Graham Norton clip where he talks about the number of websites Orlando has. Just for fun one day, I typed in every celebrity name I could think of into yahoo search and he had more than anyone. That says alot about his fan base. And he is picking good movies as well. I haven't seen the Calcium Kid but when you have been movies such as POC and Troy even Ned Kelley was good. He is making the right moves to end up on top in the end when it comes time for Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise, etc to fade out, Orlando will be there to fill the void. (along with another up and comer - Colin Ferrell) I predict Orlando will be the next Brad. People will go see him movie for the fact he is in it no matter how crappy it is - think of Pitt's Kalifornia, Twelve Monkeys, etc) - and it will make money and he will stay golden. Which I like the thought of him sticking around! Very Happy

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 06, 2005 9:23 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thuriniel wrote:
Eruanna wrote:
I also hear that Ms Bosworth is very down-to-earth despite he amazing apple-pie beauty and cosmetics contract, and Hollywood career.

Hollywood can always use more genuine souls.


I'm sorry, I cannot help it. That's exactly what I thought about Kate, until very recently. I read an interview she had with GQ magazine. I was aghast at what a bubble head she is. I had heard she was highly intelligent ... apparently those must be rumours? Because no one I know who has certain amount of education talks with "yeah" and "like" interpolated every couple of words.

She also had some very "deep" thoughts on Buddhism. Apparently all you need is ten minutes a day to achieve "positivity" in the world. I'm not familiar with the philosophy behind the teachings of Buddha (although I must confess I wouldn't mind looking into it), but I thought it took a bit more work than that.

There go my two cents worth ...

I call it popculture and a bad habit. It's hard to formulate sentences without using like, as or sentence fillers. I know I'm guilty of doing that only because I'm young and I'm using more of my time broadening my vocabulary and talking skills.

Alassante, I agree wholeheartedly with wanting Orlando Bloom being a golden oldie. I'm pretty sure that by the time I have children and they become teenagers...they'll call me nuts for loving those actors. Rolling Eyes I've been reading too much again, I really want to experience everything already and get on with my life. I sometimes wonder what it will be like to have all the knowledge of a 'grown up' so that I don't make the same mistakes.

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