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Babylon 5- The lost tales:voices in the dark (with spoilers)

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 29, 2007 10:32 am    Post subject: Babylon 5- The lost tales:voices in the dark (with spoilers) Reply with quote

The news item is already on the front page, but on Friday we got the long awaited DVD Babylon 5- The lost tales: voices in the dark. Very Happy

Somewhere in February I read on Aintitcoolnews that a new direct-to-DVD movie of Babylon 5 would be released on July the 31st. Much to our surprise and delight we woke up with the DVD on the doormat friday morning, so we were very excited. We watched it the same evening and well... it was so so so good to see the Babylon 5 station again, the filming was excellent and it just seemed that the show ended yesterday. There will be spoilers after this point.

The movie starts by following debris of the Babylon 5 station through space as a date at the bottom of the screen clocks back from 2281 to 2271 until the debris reforms back into Babylon 5. Then the camera goes into the main docking bay doors ala the end of the Season 3 title sequence. The CGI is stunning and breathtaking, I just can't imagine that other B5 fans wouldn't be inwardly squeeing at this point. Over the course of this sequence, as a tribute to Andreas Katsulas, plays the following G'Kar lines:

"I believe that when we leave a place, part of it goes with us and part of us remains. Long after we are gone .. our voices will linger in these walls for as long as this place remains."

Simply chilling. This short film is divided in two segments. We start in 'Over here’ at the station ten years after the founding of the interstellar alliance. Col Lochley is still the commander there and well things are creepy and not right in section Brown (well there is always something off in that section). Things get out of control when a creature possesses Mr Burke, a maintenance man. Thusly enter Father Cassidy, a clergyman who has been brought from Earth space to deal with it.

When Lochley leads Father Cassidy to a prison cell, where they are holding Burke, it turns out that he's possessed by a demon. No alien entities, no psychological disorders -- a real, live demon or so it seems. The demon knows a lot about Cassidy, and starts to tell how the fallen angels were cast out amongst the stars and that it is God's intend that humankind should stumble upon them. Once the demons would awake, then humankind would turn to god again. They discuss back and forth, about the power of naming and such.

Now Father Cassidy thinks all of this is a bit strange and after they walk away, they end up in a some sort of breathtaking hellish allusion because this lovely demon can hear them outside his cell. Father Cassidy goes back and has a conversation with Burke/demon again to hear that no matter how and what, the soul of the father would be lost anyhow.

Even more so, a picture is painted by the demon that no matter what the father does, Father Cassidy will find himself in deadlock: uphold the will of God in leaving the demon there, bringing fear to humans who have travelled out to the stars, and bring about a spiritual resurgence to Earth's decaying religious culture. Alternatively, exorcise the demon and no honour or future will be left for the church because it will quietly pass. Still something doesn't add for this Father and he tells Lochley that a piece is missing.

The story gently shifts back to the Colonel who can't sleep and she starts to analyse the situation. This bit ends where Lochley realises that the planned exorcism should take place on earth because demons are earthbound and only by means of hijacking a body to escape to the stars, a demon can escape its final fate: that is that the sun goes supernova and kills everything on earth, demons included. But humankind has its existence between the stars. This part ends with an inner monologue of Lochley where she realises why she thinks her fate should be to live out here in the universe. Oh and the demon/man is flown back to earth to be exorcised there.

"Over There" starts with President Sheridan on the Tuzenor, a Minbari presidential cruiser (those cruiewrs are just so fabulous!). A reporter from ISN keeps on insisting for an interview and they banter back and forth. There only just mentionings of Londo and G'Kar. Since Andreas Katsulas died in 2006, there is no way we could have G'kar there, so it was beautifully touched upon that G'Kar was exploring beyond the rim. The interview ends hilariously when the presidential cruiser goes into quantum space (faster than hyperspace) and Sheridan starts to explain the side effects (including puking). Later on in his dream Galen, a technomage, pops up and takes him to New York, roughly 30 years later. First, we see a destroyed earth, but then Galen shows Sheridan what happened and tells him that the one who will do all of this in the future has to be murdered. Currently the third in line for the Centauri throne is Prince Regent Dius Vintari. We get to meet this young man and yeah, JMS does it again, you so want to hate for what Vintari will do in the future, but there is this inkling of sympathy. Sheridan is placed for a dilemma and Galen oh so conveniently gives him a plan that provides the easy way out. But at the moment it has to happen, Sheridan doesn’t follow through and realises that Galen said that there was ways to prevent the destruction of earth. Sheridan opts for the difficult solution, which is taking Vintari under his wing on Minbar, away from Centauri court and assassins.

There is again in this part a small memorial bit for Dr Franklin (Richard Biggs who passed away in 2004) has followed G'Kar in the exploration beyond the Rim. So touching and moving. Later when we watched the features on the DVD, you hear Tracy Scoggins admitting she couldn't say the line regarding Dr Franklin. I can't blame her, after Marcus Cole and Susan Ivanova, both G'Kar and Dr Franklin were favourites as well. Anyway, I so enjoyed watching this and I will start watching Crusade soon (haven't been able to do that just yet), but wow, this was just another stunning JMS production.

I have not lost my mind - it's backed up on disk somewhere...

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 19, 2007 3:01 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thx for this awesome piece of news! I have alwaysd loved B5. I think that alog SG-1 and Farscape they represent the best written ever pieces of science fiction.
I can't wait to see the new DVD! Very Happy

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