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Dark, though handsome, RL/ME bunny up for adoption

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 22, 2004 8:10 pm    Post subject: Dark, though handsome, RL/ME bunny up for adoption Reply with quote

so i was sitting there, trying to decide how in the hell i was going to start the first paragraph for my next chapter and this idea just popped into my head. lol- it was so strong i even wrote out a few paragraphs. so anyone who lays claim to this idea, can also own my little beginning dribble.

basically its 4 (erm 3) ollege kids who get stuck in ME. oh- hush up and read on---

More Than Just The Straight Way
A story by (insert your name here)

Summary: It was more than just being lost.
Possible Answer to the 'Stuck, Literally, in Middle Earth' Challenge.

Warnings: Violence, Language, Adult Situations
Major Characters: The Galadhrim

Chapter One

She ran.

She ran blindly, heedless of the tears that blurred her vision and only knowing the overwhelming urge to leave, to get away. The message was painfully urgent in her brain and it beat steadily in time with every thump of her heart. Go, go, go, her blood pushed her on, screaming its message as it sped through her limbs. Don't stop- don't ever stop, if you stop- it will catch you. Her lungs burned something awful and her legs cried out in protest, but she would not stop. Could not stop.

Behind her, she could hear their screaming. Terrible screaming. It was the worse thing she'd ever heard in her life and if she let herself linger on it she knew she would freeze in absolute terror. They were creatures of nightmare- that much she was sure of. The entire world was turned upside down and nothing made sense, but they were absolute truth. They were evil and they would hurt her if she let them catch her.

Like Bill. Like they hurt Bill.

Oh god, Bill. Fresh hot tears streamed down her cheeks and her breath clutched more tightly in her throat, threatening to stop her flight. They had killed Bill. No, they had done more than just kill him- they had murdered him. Torn him apart before any of them had known what was happening. Torn him apart like he was nothing. And he had screamed. She could still here his screams. She could still see his face. She had been terrified. So she ran.

She couldn't, wouldn?t let the nightmare catch her.

It was dark though and she tripped, falling face first into the forest floor. Her senses were suddenly filled with the smell of earth, decaying leaves and the bitter taste of blood in her mouth. She was dead. She had stopped. It was over now, too late. Hands grabbed at her and pulled her roughly, desperately, to her feet. She fought back a scream that choked her throat, and gagged under its intensity. She was going to die.

Wade's voice broke through her maddened daze. "Don't stop Christie! Don?t stop!"

His hands pushed her on. She stumbled at the force of his shove, but she held her balance. And then she was running again, blind in the darkness and feeling tree branches whip against the delicate skin of her face. Her stamina was a miracle.

Get out, get away, don't stop.

It had begun innocently enough.

The four of them had decided that break from exams was desperately needed and when Bill had suggested camping, it had seemed perfect. Just what the doctor ordered. So they packed up what little gear they had, borrowing a tent from Bill's roommate, and drove upstate to the state park.

It was heaven. It was lovely. No cars, no annoying roommates, no parents asking about grade point averages. Just the four of them all alone in the middle of nowhere.

They soon found, however, that one tent wasn't practical when there was two couples to share it and she and Wade had left the camp to fool around in private.


and there you have it. they run, get to the woods of the galadrim, and you decide what the hell happens from there

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