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Elven Sexuality

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 20, 2005 3:25 am    Post subject: Elven Sexuality Reply with quote

Taken from the forum discussion ' Dumb question about Elves' sex lives'

Extracted by Sindohte from Morgoth's Ring, pp. 212-213

As for the begetting and bearing of children: a year passes between the begetting and the birth of an elf-child, so that the days of both are the same or nearly so, and it is the day of begetting that is remember year by year. For the most part these days come in the Spring. It might be thought that, since the Eldar do not (as Men deem) grow old in body, they may bring forth children at any time in the ages of their lives. But this is not so. For the Eldar do indeed grow older, even if slowly: the limit of their lives is the life of Arda, which though long beyond the reckoning of Men is not endless, and ages also. Moreover their body and spirit are not separated but coherent. As the weight of the years, with all their changes of desire and thought, gathers upon the spirit of the Eldar, so do the impulses and moods of thir bodies change. This the Eldar mean when they speak of their spirits consuming them; and they say that ere Arda ends all the Eldalie on earth will have become as spirits invisible to mortal eyes, unless they will to be seen by some among Men into whose minds they may enter directly.

Also the Eldar say that in the begetting, and still more in the bearing of children, great share and strength of their being, in mind and in body, goes forth than in the making of mortal children. For these reasons it came to pass that the Eldar brought forth few children; and also that their time of generation was in their youth or earlier life, unless strange and hard fates befell them. But at whatever age they married, their children were born within a short space of years after their wedding (Footnote - Short as the Eldar reckoned time. In mortal count there was often a long interval between the wedding and the first child-birth, and even longer between child and child). For with regard to generation the power and the will are not among the Eldar distinguishable. Doubtless they would retain for many ages the power of generation, if the will and desire were not satisfied; but with the exercise of the power the desire soon ceases, and the mind turns to other things. The union of love is indeed to them great delight and joy, and the 'days of children', as they call them, remain in their memory as the most merry in life; but they have many other powers of body and mind which their nature urges them to fulfil.

Thus, although the wedded remain so for ever, they do not necessarily dwell or house together at all times; for without considering the chances and searations of evil days, wife and husband, albeit united, remain person individual having each gifts of mind and body that differ. Yet it would seem to any of the Eldar a grievous thing if a wedded pair were sundered during the bearing of a child, or while the first years of its childhood lasted. For which reason the Eldar would beget children only in days of happiness and peace if they could.


Two interesting articles suggested by Inglor

Two good articles about elfsex:

http://www.ithilas.com/morgoth.html (Slash site)
is in defense of slash and unregulated elfsex (exageration)... it has some logical arguments though the author uses isolated or singular examples to make generalities

http://www.ansereg.com/what_tolkien_officially_said_abo.htm (Adult site)
This is a more literal interpretation imho. A surprisingly conservative view considering the author.
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 05, 2005 12:01 am    Post subject: Elves, nature and sexuality Reply with quote

Observations by Eruanna

1) First of all, elves are tied to all of nature. The goal of nature is to survive and reproduce. Most organisms, and one assumes the elves, reproduce sexually.

2) The symbol of sexual reproduction is the flower. The dictionary denotation of flower is the sexual (reproductive) organ(s) of a plant.

3) Think of the name Lothlorien. It literally means "flower dream." It does not take much to think about what those connotations mean.

4) The film versions of LOTR thinly veil their allusions to the sexual aspects of elven life. Did you see Arwen's transparent chiffon gown in TTT? It makes you aware that the character is an ethereal being, but also a sexual one. She will bear Elessar several daughters and Eldarion.

5) Even the Sideshow large Arwen figurine is sensuous and beautiful. Her white gown is soft, draping and clingy, and her backside is accentuated by her belt and a flowing pleat up the backside! No joke! There are subtle nipples that show through her gown.

6) The gowns/tunics of the male elves tend to be split up the front and/or back. Sometimes the folds echo flower petals (I was often reminded of a tulip.) Is this to allow for the ease of doing "the act?" The elves of the Third Age are no longer looking to increase their kind, but I am sure they would wear clothing descended from their lusty First Age. The armour of the Second Age was gold and blue, with botanical, tulip and lily forms. (See point #2)

7) Especially about the armour of the Third Age elves. Film literature said that the art team wanted to show that the elves saw themselves in the autumn of their time in Middle-earth, hence the red/rust-coloured hues and rich golds. A psychological analysis reveals much more! In nature, male sexual display, such as that in peacocks and deer, is quite obvious. Their bold beauty seems to beckon rival males into a challenge for the available females. The display also encourages the interest of females: the prettier the peacock's tail and the larger the rack of antlers, the "sexier" he appears to be. This means that he is healthy (viz. has found enough to eat) and can produce offspring. The colour red also has connotations to note. Red is the colour of blood and battle, but also lust and love, or at least, sexual readiness. (This is why Valentine's Day cards and gifts come in those colours.) Certain parts of the body flush red when excited. (I need not say more!) The armour of the Third Age elves from the films is also decorated with flower and leaf motifs. (See point #2 again.) The mail skirt is split in the enticing fashion. The curving lines of the leather cuirass (body armour) and the metal half-breastplate accentuate the elf's broad shoulders and trim waist. It is about as sexually aggressive as you can get, with Haldir as the most splendid male of all in his bright red cloak.

"I have returned from the Northern Fences," said the Elf, "and I am sent now to be your guide again."

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 05, 2005 3:49 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


That is very, very interesting.
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 06, 2005 6:09 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Just made some amendments to your post. While posting to this is permissible, we prefer it to be additional information relating to the subject as opposed to conversational posts. That can be done in the rest of the forum.
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