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Joined: 10 Aug 2006
Stories: 2
Location: Australia
Show Me the Way (NC-17)   Average 3.73Average 3.73Average 3.73Average 3.73(15)

COMPLETE -- If you could go to Middle-earth, wouldn't you have a plan? Flynn is prepared... but not for everything.

How will she cope with the strange attentions of the mysterious descendant of Imrahil, the knowing stare of a gallant elven prince, and the accusations of a powerful healer all the while taunting the vagaries of fate?

This is a story from after the War, when paths are faded and Tolkien's intentions are unclear. It is an exploration of what really happened the year Legolas sailed.

Published: 28 Sep 2009 -:- Updated: 06 Oct 2009
Chapters [26] -:- Words [133,021] -:- Type [Romance] -:- Warnings [Erotica, Character death] -:- Principal Characters [Legolas; Flynn; Ellos] -:- Reviews [4] -:- Category [Tolkien - Lord of the Rings]
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