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Reviews by AnironUndomiel

Trust To Hope (PG-13)
by Novedhelion.

Chapters [36]
Reviews [302]
Warnings [Not much to speak of, except your usual sappy roma]
Mon Mar 29, 2004 10:33 pm

hmm... im very confused by the sudden change in personality of princess lothiriel, in the beginning she was strong and independent, she was willing to do what must be done to secure her happiness. Now that she has finally found her soulmate, she would not grant herself this boon, it vexes me greatly also as to what kind of service Fenwick would provide to Dol Amroth that Eomer king of rohan cannot. For if it is indeed as you say umbar, haven of corsairs, launching skirmishes and raids against Amroth, then wouldnt a host of rohirrim riders and swan knights of amroth serve better to remedy that problem than Fenwick would? I doubt also that Elessar would not do anything about the raiding corsairs, for was not umbar once a strong haven of the numenoreans? With the fall of the dark lord, one would think umbar is the first city Elessar would try to recaim in the name of the Reunited Kingdom of Gondor and Arnor, for unlike Osgiliath, Ithillien, and Minas Ithil, Umbar is habitable, and thus easier to take back. Anyway, i still love your story, and i really hope eomer would just take guthwinŽ and teach fenwick the finer points of swordplay. Smile smiley face
The Cursed Queen of Angmar (R)
by KhazarKhum.

Chapters [51]
Reviews [154]
Warnings [BDSM, violence, rape, torture]
Mon Mar 15, 2004 2:09 am

Perhaps only the words of Tolkien himself rival your work. I am much amazed at this story i have found. It gives whole new perspectives on the definition of evil, and it almost made me hate Eowyn for slaying the wk (almost). There are however, some things i feel obliged to tell you. The name of the WK is Er-Murazor, and while Herumor and Fuinor are under Sauron's sway, they are not Nazguls. They are rather, warlords of Harad, they are much like Gothmog and The Mouth of Sauron, his lieutenants out of willing. The Nazguls are the following: (they are listed in order of rank)

Er-Murazor, The Witch-King, Morgul-Lord
Khamul, The Easterling
Dwar, The Unfogiving
Ji Indur, The Outcast
Akhorahil, the Blind Sorcerer
Hoarmurath, the Ice King
Adunaphel, the Quiet
Ren, the Unclean
Uvatha, the Messenger.

Despite being a stickler for details, i still loved the story, and i hope you will write more of it as soon as possible.