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For You (R) WIP  Average 1.5Average 1.5(2)

Romance/Adventure; Legolas and female OC. Set after the War of the Ring.

Ok, this was the first fic I've ever writen (LOTR and otherwise) it's been revised, and re-revised, then the revisions were lost, then it was revised about a million and a half more times. I'm ready to make a final revision and put this puppy to bed so to speak. I've posted parts of my story a few other palces, so if you think you've read this fic before you probably have (and probably under a different title, I'm a tricksy little bugger aren't I?)
I'm well aware that some parts of this fic clash with some of Tolkin's work. Most of it's not intentional, I've only read LoTR twice and I haven't read any of Tolkin's other works. So I guess I've kind of took poetic licences with it. Wow, I do have a tendency to ramble on don't I? Read and enjoy!

Published: 21 Jul 2004 -:- Updated: 21 Jul 2004
Chapters [2] -:- Words [2,209] -:- Type [Romance] -:- Warnings [some violence] -:- Principal Characters [Legolas] -:- Reviews [3] -:- Category [Tolkien - Alternate Universe (AU)]