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Stories by AlishaB

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That Which Will Never Return (PG) WIP  Average 3.5Average 3.5Average 3.5Average 3.5(2)

With Elrond gone and Imladris under their care, Elladan and Elrohir feel the terrible burden of making their final choice. Should they sail West or remain in Middle-earth? Early-Mid Fourth Age.

Published: 16 Feb 2005 -:- Updated: 15 Apr 2005
Chapters [2] -:- Words [7,724] -:- Type [General] -:- Principal Characters [Elladan; Elrohir] -:- Reviews [2] -:- Category [Tolkien - Lord of the Rings]
What if Rangers had Allergies? (G) WIP  Average 2Average 2(1)

What would Aragorn's life looked like if he had allergies? He probably wouldn't be a very sucessful Ranger, that's for sure! This is just a little humorous piece trying to answer that question. Each chapter is a stand alone vignette-ish story.

Published: 16 Feb 2005 -:- Updated: 16 Feb 2005
Chapters [2] -:- Words [2,167] -:- Type [Humour] -:- Principal Characters [Aragorn] -:- Reviews [1] -:- Category [Tolkien - Lord of the Rings]
False Faces (PG-13)   Average 4Average 4Average 4Average 4(1)

What if Gandalf wasn't the only one Saruman managed to capture? Now, Aragorn must fight not just the physical battle but also a mental one. With his chances of escape dwindling, he must make a choice, condemn those who trust him or condemn himself.

Published: 16 Feb 2005 -:- Updated: 05 Mar 2005
Chapters [17] -:- Words [53,544] -:- Type [Action/adventure] -:- Principal Characters [Aragorn; Saruman] -:- Reviews [1] -:- Category [Tolkien - Alternate Universe (AU)]