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Forbidden Love (R) WIP  Average 4Average 4Average 4Average 4(1)

Annatar / Sauron finds love amongst an unfallen race of Men...but can their princess save him or is he doomed?

This fic is highly AU. But I love to have the "bad" guy have some sort of love interest! enjoy :)
Ayawen is my invention, as is her race of unfallen Men....she is lsightly modeled after Cleopatra and her race resembles Egypt (only slightly)
I have used some Valarin words as well as some Primitive Elvish...I would have used Avarin but, well, Tolkien only came up with 6 words for it :(

Published: 17 Nov 2005 -:- Updated: 23 Nov 2005
Chapters [25] -:- Words [25,153] -:- Type [Tragedy] -:- Warnings [Character death; possible OOC; sex; human sacrific] -:- Principal Characters [Annatar/Sauron; OFC-Ayawen] -:- Reviews [2] -:- Category [Tolkien - Alternate Universe (AU)]