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Stories by ArwenEvenstar1218

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All That Is Gold (NC-17) WIP  Average 2.5Average 2.5Average 2.5(2)

When the Evenstar dies, will there ever be light again for Estel?
From the ashes a fire shall be woken. Arwen is gone, Gandalf has fallen and Aragorn has left the Fellowship. When an unknown elf brings them back together, will her presence re-kindle Aragorn's heart or merely remind him of what he has lost?

Published: 23 Nov 2007 -:- Updated: 23 Nov 2007
Chapters [2] -:- Words [2,869] -:- Type [Romance] -:- Warnings [violence, strong language, graphic sex, character] -:- Principal Characters [Aragorn; Arwen; OFC; OMC; the Fellowship] -:- Reviews [1] -:- Category [Tolkien - Alternate Universe (AU)]