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Title: Oaths Foresworn (#1809)
Author: Rhapsody
Chapters: 2

Archive: Tolkien
Category: The Silmarillion
Description: On the docks of the Mouth of Sirion, Maglor finds his brother Amrod injured. What transpired between them before Amrod passed away? Many thanks to Isil Elensar, for the inspiration and her request to me, to write Amrod's final moments, & Sophia Silfaery: thank you for the beta-read and encouragement. Mithril Award 2005 finalist for: Best Best Vignette or Short Story & Best Silmarillion. MEFA 2006 winner of the 1st place for First Age and Prior.
Published: 19 Apr 2005
Updated: 16 Dec 2006
Warnings: Character death
Type: Drama
Characters: Maglor; Amrod

Chapter 1 - Oaths Foresworn

In the aftermath of the kinslaying at the Mouth of Sirion, Maglor found his brother Amrod barely breathing and struggling for life. The chaos subsided and from the corner of his eye, he watched how Maedhros found Amras; their eyes met briefly and Maglor knew that Amras was no longer amongst them. Looking down at his little brother, he saw that his eyes were bound to something invisible. With a cry, Maglor cast aside his sword and fell down next to his injured brother.

‘Pityo, hold on little one.’ Maglor moved Amrod’s arms from his belly and spied the fatal wound. For a brief moment, he shut his eyes and cursed the Oath they all took once more.

I have buried too many.

Like a whisper, Maglor sang a lament, expressing his woes, putting all his weariness into those few words he could find for his brothers who fell today.

‘Kano, you sing of sorrow for me. But what about my wife and my children? Who will look after them now that I am called by Namó?’ Amrod’s eyes lost focus; blood escaped his mouth.

It would not be long now.

‘We held true, did we not Kano? But was it all worth it? What world am I leaving my family? Who will look after them?’ Amrod hung onto him, fighting for every single bit of life left in him.

‘I promise you, Pityo. I will look after them.’ The words almost choked him, how could he, Maglor, take on another Oath?

This dreadful oath came at such cost and pain.

‘Tell her…’ His voice rasped, ‘tell her that I will wait for her when her time comes. Tell her...’ Now with every word spoken, more blood was lost. ‘Tell her that she is my everything, tell her that I am a fool, and tell her that I love …’. The final words were left unspoken. Maglor howled and did not hold back his grief.

It was Maedhros who heard him swear: ‘I promise you my brother, that as long as I walk these shores, I will look after them.’

‘Maglor, we have to find the little ones.’ Maedhros spoke painfully.

‘Then let us perform at least one good deed today, before I commit myself to another lifelong oath.’ He closed his brother’s eyes and laid him down on the docks. The remaining brothers exchanged a look and said no more.

Pityo= a nickname created from Pityafinwë, Amrod's father name.
Kano = a nickname created from Kanafinwë, Maglor's father name.

Chapter 2 - Author's afterword and thanks

This amazing vignette has made it to the Mithril Awards 2005 finals for 'Best Best Vignette or Short Story' and ' Best Silmarillion'. Besides that, I am deeply honoured by winning the 1st place in the MEFA 2006 general subcategory for First Age and Prior.

I owe you so much, my wonderful readers & reviewers, friends who shook their pom poms all the way and have shown so much support that I cannot put it to words right now. Many thanks go to my friend Isil Elensar, for the inspiration and her request to me, to write Amrod's final moments. My love and thanks goes out to my husband and babyson, for giving me the wings to fly. And not the very least Sophia Silfaery: thank you for the beta-read and encouragement.


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