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Title: Hope's Adieu (#2147)
Author: ExquisiteElf
Chapters: 1

Archive: Tolkien
Category: Lord of the Rings (Movieverse)
Description: A drabble about Aragorn leaving to walk the Paths of the Dead. POV of everyone who doesn't know why he is leaving.
Published: 12 Aug 2005
Updated: 12 Aug 2005
Warnings: None
Type: General
Characters: Aragorn

Chapter 1 - Hope's Adieu

On the brink of death lay rows upon rows of little, identical tents all aligned readying for battle.

Uneasiness hung in the air, creating a shadow of discomfort that subsided over the camp.

Fear, remorse, and disdain lingered amidst the lodgings seeking their quarries, suffocating them until the victims gave in to their cold-blooded whims.

In a tent indistinguishable from the others, dwelt Hope.

He alone kept living fealty and virtue in men that abundant faith prevailed not.

Unaided, he defied fear, fought remorse, and opposed disdain, protecting those he loved from succumbing to powerless despair.

Hope left that night.

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