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Title: Lament (#3029)
Author: Cuthalion
Chapters: 1

Archive: Harry Potter
Category: Bookverse
Description: This was my very first piece in the universe of Harry Potter ever, inspired by a scene at the end of Harry Potter and the HalfBloodPrince... spoilers included!
Published: 29 Oct 2006
Updated: 29 Oct 2006
Warnings: angst, sorrow, HBP-spoilers
Type: Tragedy
Characters: Rubeus Hagrid

Chapter 1 - Lament


His giant feet stumble over the dewy grass, hot tears streaming down over his face. He carries him on his arms, so heavy the rigid, lifeless body, so strange the unnatural shifting of broken bones under draggling robes and cooling skin. He dares not to look down on that familiar, changed face, but he feels the long white beard brushing over his hands with a horrible, bitter caress.

He hears the howling of Fang from his cabin, locked in and ignorant, yet knowing, knowing…

“Hush…” he murmurs, but deep inside of him the simple tribute echoes and breaks his heart.

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