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  • Fanfic in Tolkien

    Stories based on Tolkien's Middle Earth

    Stories: 3006

  • Fanfic in Original Scrolls

    All *original* stories

    Stories: 20

  • Fanfic in 28 Days/Weeks Later

    When days turn to weeks...

    Stories: 0

  • Fanfic in 300

    When few stood against many

    Stories: 0

  • Fanfic in American Horror Story

    You're going to die in there!

    Stories: 0

  • Fanfic in Angel

    The road to Redemption continues here...

    Stories: 1

  • Fanfic in Avatar

    And all new world awaits

    Stories: 1

  • Fanfic in Babylon 5

    Come in for a taste of Flarnn

    Stories: 2

  • Fanfic in Battlestar Galactica

    The Search for Earth begins now

    Stories: 3

  • Fanfic in BLEACH

    We fear that which we cannot see

    Stories: 0

  • Fanfic in Bones

    Show a little temperance

    Stories: 0

  • Fanfic in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    Enter the Hellmouth

    Stories: 3

  • Fanfic in Charmed

    Something wicked is coming your way

    Stories: 1

  • Fanfic in CSI

    Take a look though the microscope

    Stories: 2

  • Fanfic in Dark Angel

    Enter the code for Manticore

    Stories: 0

  • Fanfic in Dawson's Creek

    Coming of age

    Stories: 0

  • Fanfic in DC Universe

    The World's Greatest - apparently :P

    Stories: 14

  • Fanfic in Dexter

    A Serial Killer with a heart... just pray it's not yours

    Stories: 1

  • Fanfic in Doctor Who

    Doctoring the Tardis

    Stories: 7

  • Fanfic in Doom

    Shift through the sands of Olduvai

    Stories: 2

  • Fanfic in Dune

    Drink the Water of Life

    Stories: 0

  • Fanfic in Eureka

    Small town. Big secret.

    Stories: 0

  • Fanfic in F.E.A.R.

    First Encounter Assault Recon

    Stories: 0

  • Fanfic in Farscape

    Harvey, ain't no Bunny Rabbit here

    Stories: 1

  • Fanfic in Firefly

    Feel like misbehavin'?

    Stories: 12

  • Fanfic in Fringe

    Imagine the impossibilities

    Stories: 0

  • Fanfic in Game of Thrones

    You win or you die - Please, TV-verse ONLY

    Stories: 3

  • Fanfic in Ghost in the Shell

    Just a whisper

    Stories: 0

  • Fanfic in Haikyu!!

    Volleyball is not an individual event, but a team sport

    Stories: 21

  • Fanfic in Half-Life

    Enter the Black Mesa

    Stories: 0

  • Fanfic in Harry Potter

    Put on the Sorting Hat

    Stories: 47

  • Fanfic in Hawaii 5-O

    Book 'em, Danno

    Stories: 0

  • Fanfic in Heroes

    Why are we here? What is a soul? Why do we dream?

    Stories: 3

  • Fanfic in Highlander

    Donít lose your head

    Stories: 0

  • Fanfic in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (The)

    No Vogon poetry permitted

    Stories: 1

  • Fanfic in Hornblower

    Begin your adventure on the high seas

    Stories: 0

  • Fanfic in House, MD

    Do you have insurance?

    Stories: 1

  • Fanfic in Inkheart

    Discover Silvertongue's rare gift

    Stories: 1

  • Fanfic in Justified

    A visit down in Harlan County

    Stories: 0

  • Fanfic in King Arthur

    Take a seat at the round table

    Stories: 1

  • Fanfic in Kingdom of Heaven

    Join the Crusade

    Stories: 1

  • Fanfic in Leverage

    Get ready to get even

    Stories: 4

  • Fanfic in Lost

    Not Gilliganís Island

    Stories: 0

  • Fanfic in Magnificent Seven (The)

    Take a ride into Old West...

    Stories: 4

  • Fanfic in Marvel Universe

    Make Mine Marvel

    Stories: 8

  • Fanfic in Matrix (The)

    Follow the White Rabbit

    Stories: 1

  • Fanfic in Merlin

    Keep the magic secret

    Stories: 0

  • Fanfic in Mummy (The)

    Death is only the beginning

    Stories: 2

  • Fanfic in Narnia (The Chronicles of)

    Step into the Wardrobe

    Stories: 5

  • Fanfic in Once Upon a Time

    Magic is coming

    Stories: 1

  • Fanfic in Phantom of the Opera

    The Angel of Music

    Stories: 0

  • Fanfic in Pirates of the Caribbean

    Where's the Rum?

    Stories: 7

  • Fanfic in RENT

    No day but today

    Stories: 0

  • Fanfic in Riddick (The Chronicles of)

    Youíre not afraid of the dark, are you?

    Stories: 5

  • Fanfic in Robin Hood

    Trouble has a habit of finding me

    Stories: 1

  • Fanfic in Rome

    The Empire Strikes Back

    Stories: 1

  • Fanfic in Sharpe

    Come over the hill and far away

    Stories: 1

  • Fanfic in Sherlock

    A new sleuth for the 21st Century

    Stories: 0

  • Fanfic in Spartacus

    Some legends are written in blood

    Stories: 0

  • Fanfic in Splinter Cell

    You have no idea what's coming

    Stories: 1

  • Fanfic in Star Trek

    To boldly go...

    Stories: 49

  • Fanfic in Star Wars

    Feel the force flow, young Padawan

    Stories: 8

  • Fanfic in Stargate

    Point of origin

    Stories: 15

  • Fanfic in Strike

    CB Strike, private detective

    Stories: 0

  • Fanfic in Supernatural

    Let's go hunting

    Stories: 12

  • Fanfic in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

    The future is not set

    Stories: 1

  • Fanfic in The Witcher

    This world doesnít need a hero. It needs a professional.

    Stories: 0

  • Fanfic in Troy

    Set sail with a thousand ships

    Stories: 3

  • Fanfic in True Blood

    Thou Shall Not Crave Thy Neighbour

    Stories: 4

  • Fanfic in Twilight


    Stories: 4

  • Fanfic in Underworld

    Are you ready to join the war?

    Stories: 0

  • Fanfic in V

    Humankind's last stand (original series and new)

    Stories: 0

  • Fanfic in V for Vendetta

    Let Anarchy Begin

    Stories: 1

  • Fanfic in Van Helsing

    The man with the Hat is back...

    Stories: 0

  • Fanfic in X-Files (The)

    The Truth is in here

    Stories: 1

  • Fanfic in Xena: Warrior Princess

    Sharpen your chakrams

    Stories: 0

  • Fanfic in OtherOther

    Find other universes and fandoms by genres

    Stories: 1