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We all Need to Get Along - or Agree to Disagree

Please note the following guidelines to ensure we all get along in the forum. Etiquette in the forum is vital if we all want to remain civil. Remember that sarcasm and jokes don't necessarily read well in a forum!

Critical remarks

If you want to be critical, please make sure your points are valid and backed up. It's fine to say a certain aspect of Battlestar Galactica is bad, as long as you don't insult the people who think otherwise. Jumping in and shouting "Boromir sucks!" (he doesn't!) is not an acceptable form of constructive criticism. Indicating he has a big nose, whilst providing photographic evidence, is acceptable.


Obviously, don't insult other people. You may disagree with someone's opinion, but you may not attack the person themselves for posting that opinion. Don't respond to a flame with a flame. You cannot flame people and then claim to have been just defending yourself. If you have a complaint, notify an admin rather than responding yourself.

Adult Content

This is technically an adult site and we have taken measures to prevent access by minors, but we cannot stop the several minors accessing this forum.

Minors who come into the forum, beware that you enter at your own risk. If you find that the content is too mature for your liking, that's too bad. You shouldn't be here anyway. If you are a parent, please set your computer to prevent access to minors as this site is marked as containing adult content.

Thread Hijacking

While many people want to discuss certain off topic issues, there's also a sizable group of people who also come here for fandom-related discussion ONLY. Please do not get into any off-topic debates while on a thread specifically meant for discussing a certain fandom. If you get to that point, you are free to start another thread, labelling it with appropriate warnings and continuing the discussion there.

If bad behaviour or non-adherence to the rules is flagged to us, we reserve the right to close a thread, and/or suspend the guilty parties of their forum privileges. This can even go as far as a total ban from the archive.

General Discussion Lounge

Nothing is "off-topic" in the General Discussion Lounge - but do try to keep it sane and of interest to the majority of the members. We will expect that whatever the topic, it should be discussed in a civilised, respectful manner.

We suggest you stay away from politics and religion.


Trolling is an internet term that means you're not posting to actually start or participate in a good discussion, but simply to anger another member or group of members. Posting in order to bait other users or administrators will not be tolerated.

Any continuation of threads or abuse hurled at members in other arenas when we have specifically asked you to stop (in the interests of all members) may result in your removal from the archive.


There are two admins at Open Scrolls. They are dolarabee and Robbie. Any queries about what is permitted and what isn't ought to be directed to us and us only. And please, use the support form to do so.

Scribe, who first came up with the idea for this archive and up until recently helped us run it, has since moved on.

If you are a part of the Virtual Village and your questions are in regards to that particular section of the forum, then you might get a quicker answer if you contact the Virtual Village moderators.

Account Sharing

You should not give out your password to anyone, or allow your member account to be used by another member. You should also not post any messages on behalf of another member. If we find out, we will suspend your account.

Illegal/Improper Content

Don't post:

  • Threats
  • Any information that invades a person's privacy or may reveal personal details thay may not want revealing
  • Messages (personal or public) from e-mail, Private Messages or other forums (without the author's permission)
  • Anything posted without permission of the owner - like someone else's fic, or excerpts of their work
  • Anything to do with illegal trade or download of CD, Video etc
  • Spam or unsolicited advertising
  • Repeated threads of the same message

Illegal content cannot be posted anywhere on the Forum. Don't expect any admins to be lenient over this. Your material will be edited out, and the admins may decide to give you a warning and depending on the severity of what you posted, you may even get banned from the archive.

We do understand the limitations in writing and discussing fandom. As fans we hold very little right to any of our work anyway, be it fic or illustrations/photos, and should, say, Tolkien Estate or Newline Cinema decide to hunt us down we'd lose, but I'm sure you all understand what this is about... common courtesy between the members and their work.


When including images in posts:

  • Keep them to about 50-60kb in size (for those on slow connections)
  • Do not "hotlink" (i.e. do not use images on someone else's servers) without permission
  • Post photos or images belonging to others (without permission & credit)

If the images are too large, the admins may replace the actual image with a link, or if this is repeatedly done by the member with a total disregard to these rules, the admins may delete the post in its entirety.

Questions, Suggestions & Feedback

This forum can be used to ask about certain board features, suggest new ones, or comment on board developments. You can also contact us privately.

When making suggestions, please note that they may not always be implemented, and sometimes they may not actually be replied to. This is not because we don't listen to them - all suggestions are read - but sometimes it takes some time to discuss these amongst ourselves and decide whether they're a good idea or not. Sometimes a suggestion you made months ago could suddenly be implemented.