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How to Post Stories

Firstly, you must log on - if you are not a registered user then you need to do this first.

Once logged on, follow the archive menu to where you want to add the story, and then find the category most suitable for your fic. This will bring you to the category page. You'll see that each category listed has the option to add a story to it. So, click on "Add Story" and go from there.

You can post in text (cut & paste or directly type in the window provided), or upload a TXT file. You are able edit the story after it is uploaded.

There is a spacial system called "BB Code" that allows you to use certain formatting in the stories (bold, italics and underline). You must remember that stories can be downloaded as plain text, and therefore must be understandable without the formatting - only use formatting sparingly.

Your story will be available immediately after it is posted - we do not moderate stories as they are uploaded but they will be subject to moderation if they do not follow submission guidelines. You can edit your story, but others may have already read it! Should a story not fit with the aims of the archive, we reserve the right to remove it. We may also change the description, warnings or other information should the need arise. But please help us out by entering accurate information in the first place.

A few notes about posting:

Before posting, please read the submission guidelines and ensure your story fits with this archive. If you are uncertain about what sort of story you intend to post, please feel free to ask us and we should be able to help you decide if the Open Scrolls archive is suited for your work.

You can upload your story as a single post, or in multiple parts (or chapters). Please be sensible with chaptering, but do as you feel is the best way for your story.

We cannot guarantee your story will remain here forever. We may delete stories that do not belong here, that receive complaints or if we run out of diskspace (hosting these archives is not cheap!). Worst still, we may suffer backup failures - so please, keep copies of your own work just in case.