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Registration FAQ

Do I have to register?
If you wish to read the stories, there is no need to register. Registration is only required if you want to post stories, write comments or use certain other features on the website.
Why do we need to register to make comments?
We would like to create a community without alienating those that take time to write and post stories. Allowing just anyone to post comments could result in hurtful remarks from those outside the community. The registration process will hopefully dissuade the mischievous and dishonest from posting.
Does this mean I can't be critical in my comments?
Not at all. Please respect the efforts and wishes of the authors, but helpful criticism and discussion is encouraged.
Why do you want my e-mail address?
Purely as a guarantee that you are who you say you are. We will not pass this on to anyone. No one at all. Full stop. Of course, you can make your e-mail address available for others to see, in which case they can contact you directly.
When I register, what's this e-mail business?
Again, this is how we verify that the e-mail address is valid. Click or copy the link from the e-mail to confirm your e-mail address. After that, you can post stories.
What other information do I need to provide?>
A username (the name you use to log on, 20 characters or less), a penname (the name others will know you as, also 20 characters or less) and a password.
What is the other information for?
Items on the registration form, such as homepage, MSN details, etc are optional. They will be made available for others to contact you - but if you don't want others to find them out, then don't fill them in!
What happens if I've lost my username or password?
When you try to logon, there is a link marked "Forgotten Password?" Follow this and provide your e-mail address. Your password will be e-mailed to you.
What happens if I want to change my username?
In exceptional circumstances, we can change the username for you. Just let us know what the old name is, and why you need to change it. Do not reregister as a second user!

Terms and conditions of registration

Due to abuse of the site, we will immediately delete any user who registers twice without notifying us by e-mail first. Acceptable reasons to register twice:

  • To post a fic written as a joint venture (i.e. two authors or more)
  • To post a fic under an alternative penname

Remember to notify us even if you fit in these criteria!

Where users do have two accounts for one of the above purposes, the following is expressly prohibited:

  • Rating or reviewing your other stories through the use of the second account
  • Rating or reviewing a story of another author that you have already rated/reviewed with your main identity
  • Posting in the forum using the second account

Any registrations breaking these rules will have ALL the accounts by that user deleted. We may or may not also delete all stories, reviews, ratings etc.

Note: we also discourage and take action against:

  • Registering purely to rate a friend without reading the stories
  • "Blasting" a user by systematically leaving low ratings or bad reviews on all their stories
  • Leaving rude and unhelpful reviews (we welcome helpful reviews of low-quality fics to assist the author to improve skills - please use discretion and careful wording)
  • "Flaming" a user who has left an unfavourable review (You must be prepared to accept some readers who may not like your stories. We have a support system in place for dealing with the rude/unhelpful reviews - so let us know if you feel "attacked")
  • Naming or shaming of any author
  • Promoting a user by systematically leaving high ratings for all stories (they can't all be that good!). Use the forum for promotion!
  • Systematic "You rate mine, I'll rate yours" relationships