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What is RSS?

RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication"

In short, it allows you to have information about the latest stories on this site delivered to you without you needing to check the website on a regular basis. If you see a story you want to read, follow the link and it shows you the story on the site.

What feeds are available

We have four types of feed available:

  • Generic - this shows all the latest stories for all the archives.
  • Tolkien - this shows all the latest stories for the Tolkien archive.
  • TV / Movies - this shows all the latest stories for TV / Movies archive.
  • Custom - see below.

Customising your own feed

This allows you just just monitor stories in a sub-category of one of the archives, e.g. if you want to check for just "Rome" stories or similar stories, you can.

To customise your own feed:

  1. Browse the archives and categories until you find the one you want to monitor
  2. Use "List All Stories" to bring up the list of stories
  3. Look at the the URL. It will be something like https://www.openscrolls.net/fanfic/latest.php?cat=CCC&sub=SSS&ord=OOO where CCC, SSS and OOO are numbers.
  4. Copy everything after (and including) the ? ?cat=CCC&sub=SSS&what=WWW
  5. Visit the Generic feed
  6. In the URL, paste in what you copied after rss.xmlhttps://www.openscrolls.net/rss/rss.xml?cat=CCC&sub=SSS&ord=OOO
  7. Notes - if any of the CCC, SSS or OOO bits are missing then there is no need to make them up. OOO can only be 0 (zero - latest published stories) or 1 (one - latest major edits).

Live Journal users

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