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In reviews, use any of the following codes to show a smiley face.

:DVery Happy smiley face:)Smile smiley face:(Sad smiley face
:oSurprised smiley face:shock:Shocked smiley face:?Confused smiley face
8)Cool smiley face:lol:Laughing smiley face:xMad smiley face
:PRazz smiley face:oops:Embarassed smiley face:cry:Crying or Very sad smiley face
:evil:Evil or Very Mad smiley face:twisted:Twisted Evil smiley face:roll:Rolling Eyes smiley face
:wink:Wink smiley face:!:Exclamation smiley face:?:Question smiley face
:idea:Idea smiley face:arrow:Arrow smiley face:|Neutral smiley face
:mrgreen:Mr. Green smiley face:bounce:Bounce smiley face:eyes:Roll Eyes smiley face
:waah:Waaaah! smiley face:bunny:Bunny smiley face:thumb:Thumb smiley face
:drool:Drool Bucket smiley face:smokin:Smokin' smiley face:beer:Beer smiley face
:cry:Cry smiley face:angry:Angry smiley face:sleep:Sleep smiley face
:bow:Bow smiley face:puke:Puke smiley face:wave:Wave smiley face
:bawl:Bawl smiley face:dude:Dude smiley face:hello:Hello smiley face
:yikes:Yikes! smiley face:nono:No No smiley face:crazy:Crazy smiley face
:headbang:Head bang smiley face:banana:Banana smiley face:rofl:ROFL smiley face
:smash:Smash smiley face:doh!:Doh! smiley face:dummy:Dummy smiley face
:hmmm:Hmmm smiley face:argue:Argue smiley face:kiss:Kiss smiley face
:stoopid:Stupid smiley face:uzi:Uzi smiley face:bigwink:Big Wink smiley face
:jail:Jail smiley face:beer2:Guiness smiley face:help:Help!!! smiley face
:jeep:Jeep smiley face:rocket:Rocket smiley face:kneel:Kneel, Suckers smiley face
:biggun:Machine Gun smiley face:blahblah:BlahBlah smiley face:bendy:bendy smiley face
:hug2:Big Hug smiley face:notme:It wasn't me smiley face:hippy:Hippy smiley face
:coffee:Need Coffee smiley face:tvaddict:TV addict smiley face:chill:Chill pill smiley face
:doh:Doh! smiley face:drunk:Drunk smiley face:lolsign:LOL sign smiley face
:witch:Witch smiley face:lurk:Lurk smiley face:reading:Reading smiley face
:dontmess:Don't mess with me. smiley face:sofa:Hiding behind the sofa smiley face:magician:Magician smiley face
:wdythink:What do you think? smiley face:GorB:Devil's choice smiley face:funny:Funny Post smiley face
:scary:Scary smiley face:badpcday:Bad computer day smiley face:wip:Work In Progress smiley face
:cold2:Cold smiley face:cold:Cold smiley face:mecry:Cry smiley face
:soon:Soon smiley face:heart:Heart smiley face:headshake:I wouldn't smiley face
:square:Square smiley face:wtf:wtf smiley face:pinp:Pimp smiley face
:rolleyes2:Roll Eyes smiley face:skint:Skint smiley face:angel:Angel smiley face
:fallenangel:Fallen angel smiley face:flamed:Flamed smiley face:violin:Violin Music smiley face
:zip:Zip it smiley face:jester:Jester smiley face:carrot:Carrot smiley face
:broccoli:Broccoli smiley face:offtopic:Off Topic! smiley face:spank:Naughty!!! smiley face
:blond:Blond Moment smiley face:yourock:You rock smiley face:respekt:Respekt smiley face
:surrender:I surrender smiley face:gottago:Outta here smiley face:ButtKick:Butt Kick smiley face
:Dance:Banana Dance smiley face:Clap:Clap, Clap, Clap smiley face