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OSA Supporters

There are a few people who keep the site running, either through donating time, or through donations to pay for the bandwidth and traffic. Without them, you wouldn't be reading this and would probably be doing something much more constructive or healthy such as making an exact 1/1000th replica of the Mary Rose out of matchsticks, or securing your future in the local Starbucks by honing your skills learning how to make low-fat decaf double-shot mocha frappucinos with a smidgen of cream and sprinkling of cinnamon. But hell, you're here, aren't you? Might as well make the most of it.

To say thanks for those that do donate, we offer a few little perks. And if a few more donate, then we'll probably add even more perks.

The perks of being a donor

Wow - too many to mention, but let's try.

  • The thanks from thousands of visitors who come to the site (and yes, it is that high)
  • The ability to run adverts. Publish your own ads!
  • Get notified when you have reviews added to your stories
  • You can hide the adverts from others. Cruel, but true.
  • You get our thanks..

It's not a lot, but if it works, we've got plans including a way to save your favourites for quick navigation and we're open to suggestions for more!

So, donate now, and become an OSA Supporter and help keep the site running.