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Wikific guidelines

Many hands make light work or too many cooks spoil the broth?

This is Rob-The-Programmer-Guy's pet project. The idea behind this is to see if the collective minds of all the authors on Open Scrolls can produce the quintessential masterpiece. Utopia? Most likely, but we thought we could have fun in testing his theory.

Basically, Wikific allows you to submit an idea, be it a first chapter or even a first paragraph, to a platform that everyone can access. From there, someone else can correct and edit the text, add to it and continue the idea. It's a round-robin with a twist!

How it works

Once you upload a story, you will lose all control of that story and idea. Make sure you are happy for others to play with your plot-bunny. By no control we mean you can't edit the story title, the description, the characters, etc. and you cannot stop others from contributing to the story and editing or correcting your own contribution. (We might change that in the future but for now admins can do those changes if required.) All you can edit is the content of a chapter, or add new chapters.

All edits are retained and can be viewed to see the progression of the story.

We ask that writers remain respectful and tactful. We hope no one will abuse the Wikific. Please don't play Ping Pong by deleting and reentering the same text over and over again.

Remember this is an experiment that could grow into round-robins or other collaborative works. If there are problems, let support know.