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Joined: 23 Jun 2005
Stories: 59
Location: SE Tennessee
The Cat and the Crow (PG-13)  

Kuroo never thought he was the type to fall in love at first sight.
Tsukishima rarely showed anyone his truer nature.

And then, one weekend in May, everything changed.

*tags subject to change
*serialized; day subject to change

Published: 28 Aug 2021 -:- Updated: 16 Sep 2021
Chapters [6] -:- Words [9,369] -:- Type [Romance] -:- Warnings [canondivergent, kurootsuki, fluff] -:- Principal Characters [Kuroo Tetsuro, Tsukishima Kei] -:- Reviews [0] -:- Category [Haikyu!! - Alternate Universe]
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