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Joined: 11 Oct 2008
Stories: 1
Man of Conviction (R) WIP 

Based on Splinter Cell: Conviction, Sam starts to work on his own following clues and information that could lead him to the ones who killed his daughter. However, the clues change, and things twist as he uncovers the people not only behind the murder of his daughter, but also the ones behind the corruption of Third Echelon.

Note: It's made from Sam's perspective in order to depict the emotions of the character towards something that is personal. It's... not easy.

Published: 03 Jan 2010 -:- Updated: 04 Feb 2010
Chapters [4] -:- Words [14,239] -:- Type [Action/adventure] -:- Warnings [violence, language, sexual content] -:- Principal Characters [Sam Fisher; Anna Grimsdottir] -:- Reviews [0] -:- Category [Splinter Cell - Alternate Universe]
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