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Joined: 10 Jul 2004
Stories: 39
Location: Germany
The Door to Narnia (PG-13)   Average 4Average 4Average 4Average 4(1)

These two drabbles were written after re-watching the first Narnia-movie around Easter 2006 - "Sacrifice" for Good Friday and "Resurrection" for Easter Sunday. And knowing Lewis ideas and work quite well, I guess he wouldn't completely disagree. *smiles*

Published: 15 Feb 2007 -:- Updated: 15 Feb 2007
Chapters [2] -:- Words [203] -:- Type [Drama] -:- Warnings [none in particular] -:- Drabble -:- Principal Characters [Susan; Lucy; Aslan; Jadis] -:- Reviews [1] -:- Category [Narnia (The Chronicles of) - Movieverse]
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