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Not Remembered

Chapter 1: Not Remembered

by Cadiliniel

~~Dedicated to Astara, Cressida, Chris and Dacey, who know who they are Smile smiley face~~

DISCLAIMER: These characters aren’t mine (I wish!). They belong to Tolkien and no one else. I wish only to do them justice in my writing, and hopefully amuse myself and those who read them.


~~Not Remembered~~

“Elessar!” they all cry in adoration. They sing his name in glee. Their cheers and colours overtake the city in the rush of happiness finally returned to these stones.

Women throw flowers at his feet, men bow at him hoping to appear noble. He needs none of these things to love his people.

Few voices cry the already forgotten name, the much unthanked guardian of the city. Flags fly bearing the white tree, instead of the purest white standard, already cast aside unnoticed.

But still there are the few who cry the name, and still proudly so.

“Arandur…”, they whisper.