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Trust To Hope, Book Two

Chapter 5: Of love and Sea Faeries...

by Novedhelion

Title: Trust To Hope, II
Author: Novedhelion
Beta: Riyallyn
Warnings: Blatant theft of Celtic Mythology
Rating: PG
I think you know the rest...

What would I give
To live where you are?
What would I pay
To stay here beside you?
What would I do to see you
Smiling at me?

Where would we walk?
Where would we run?
If we could stay all day in the sun?
Just you and me
And I could be
Part of your world

Ariel, The Little Mermaid

Of love and Sea Faeries...

Éomer lay on his side, propped on one elbow, watching her sleep. Lying on her stomach, Anhuil had both arms under her pillow, her head turned to one side. He traced a finger lightly down the curve of her spine, stopping where the coverlet lay across her lower back.

She stirred slightly. “Mmm...”

“Are you awake?” he asked softly.

“I am now,” she murmured, turning her head to look up at him from under the dark lashes of one eye.

His calloused fingers continued to trail slowly up her spine and back down again. “I am sorry,” he whispered apologetically. “But I seem to have a very difficult time keeping my hands off of you.”

Anhuil shivered delightfully, raising her head slightly from the pillow to smile up at him. “When it becomes a nuisance, I will let you know.”

He started to speak, then hesitated, his eyes following the path of his fingers before meeting hers again.

“Éomer? What is it?”

A smile pushed its way through. “I was just wondering...”

“Wondering about what?”

“One of the women who used to tutor me as a child had been raised in Belfalas,” he said, toying with one of the curls that tumbled wildly over her shoulders. “She used to tell Éowyn and me stories about men who would go to the sea in search of a faery wife.”

She had never been able to resist a good story. “Oh?” she asked, propping herself up on her elbows. “And why would they do that?”

“The stories said that the sea faeries wore the skins of animals when they were in the sea, but every full moon, they would shed their skins and take the form of women, coming ashore to dance in the moonlight. The women were beautiful beyond measure, completely irresistible to mortal men.”

“I see.”

“The men would fall madly in love, wanting their lovers to stay and marry them, but no matter how deeply they were loved, for the faeries, the call of the sea was stronger. They would inevitably slip into their skins and return to the ocean.”

“They must have left many broken-hearts behind,” she said, a little frown drawing her brows down slightly.

“No doubt. Until the men figured out a way to keep them.”

Her brows lifted slightly. “Oh?”

“The men discovered that the faeries could not transform without their skins, so they hid them.”

“Forcing them to remain human,” Anhuil surmised. "Very clever."

“That was the legend, yes. If a faery could not find her skin, she was destined to remain human until it was recovered. Many married and even bore children, although often the stories ended sadly, the faeries finding their skins and returning to their beloved sea,” he finished with a wistful smile.

“That is a sad tale, meleth nín,” she said, dropping her head to the pillow and purring in contentment as he pressed his lips to her bare shoulder.

“So what were you wondering?” she asked, returning to her original question.

Éomer looked up at her, his smile taking on a hint of mischief.

“I was wondering where I should hide your skin.”


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Of love and Sea Faeries...
16 Sep 2004
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16 Sep 2004