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Crossroads of Time

Chapter 13: Chapter 13

by ellie

Betas: Fianna, GeorgiaPiper, Vicki, and Marcia

Rating: PG-13 In this chapter, it's for some sexual inuendo and romantic description.

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters. They belong to JRR Tolkien and I am only borrowing them for a while. I make no money from this.

Chapter 13

Someone was knocking at the door. Ariella felt the warmth beside her stir. Glorfindel’s voice in her mind said, 'Be still and pretend to be asleep. I am not yet ready to let you go again.'

She kissed the side of his chest in response and moved her right hand to nonchalantly cover her mouth as she was suddenly possessed by a nervous desire to giggle. She felt his right arm tighten around her and his left hand cover her hand near her mouth. 'Hush my love' his mental voice said. She forced her eyes to close tighter, but not to crinkle so she would not look like she was faking sleep.

“Enter!” Glorfindel’s voice rang out heavy with sleep. She figured he must have just awakened too.

She heard the door open, then the surprised voice of one of the servants who happened to be Linanna’s husband. “My lord! Forgive me for … interrupting you.” The servant sounded uncomfortable and uncertain with those last words, but his voice regained it’s formality with the next. “Your brothers are here to see you.”

Glorfindel sighed loudly and cursed rather creatively in her mind. She felt his body tense and shift a bit beside her. Biting her lip hard, she tried not to giggle. His left hand pressed harder over her right and her mouth.

He inhaled as if to speak when she heard Elindir’s voice, his tone that haughty, taunting one that only brothers can achieve at the most inopportune of times. “Good afternoon, brother. We had an appointment to meet with you after lunch. However, it seems you are having a little meeting of your own without us.”

Glorfindel replied in a dignified voice as if his current compromised position was a perfectly acceptable reason to miss a meeting. “I am sorry. I was exhausted and overslept – and I forgot all about the meeting.”

“Why, might we inquire dear brother, were you exhausted?” Celoril asked in mock innocence with that same annoying ‘I can’t wait to blackmail you with this later’ tone in his voice. If he had been her brother, Ariella would have been contemplating doing something very bad to him later, but he was Glorfindel’s brother, so she did not have to concern herself. She fought to remain still.

“My brothers,” Glorfindel addressed them, his voice patiently sweet and generous. “Ariella healed much of the damage to my arm last night. It is easier for her if she has direct contact with the skin when she heals. The healing was as exhausting for me as it was for her and there was no one here to take her back to her room. She sleeps still and it would be polite for you not to disturb her rest.”

Ariella sensed someone beside the bed a moment later and felt the blanket being lifted and then set back down. Glorfindel’s hand left hers and she heard his indignant inquiry. “What are you doing Elindir?”

“Just checking to see which arm she healed, my brother.” Elindir replied.

She heard snickering from somewhere across the room and movement nearby as she felt Glorfindel abruptly shift some more beside her. She bit her lip harder trying to remain still and impassive. It was so very hard not to laugh.

“It was my LEFT ARM,” Glorfindel said angrily. “The one that is about to slap you for being so rude.” She felt him briefly shift further away from her.

“Obviously she has not finished with the healing, as you completely missed him, Glorfindel. And he was an easy target, too.” Celoril’s voice taunted, then turned serious. “However, it is good to see that you can use your arm again. We were worried that you would not recover use of it at all. Did Ariella say if she can completely heal it?”

“No she did not say. And Elindir, could you not see that she is fully dressed without removing the blanket?” Glorfindel sounded really annoyed now.

“Actually, dear brother, I was more concerned about your state of dress. And, Glorfindel, obviously YOU are not married or you would know that the presence of a dress does not mean that you did not partake of certain… pleasures.” Elindir chided. “However, I see by your eyes that you have not bound yourself to her … yet. Can we hope that such a thing will take place sometime in the next year, perhaps?”

Glorfindel sighed. “Why did you two want to meet with me today?”

“You evade the question, brother.” Elindir said. “But you will have to answer it anyway as she is the reason we are here. We came to tell you to stop being an idiot, lower your pride and go confess your love for her. However since she is currently reposing in your bed, cuddled up as close to you as she can get without being completely on top of you, can we assume that the two of you have spoken?”

“Yes, you can assume that.” Glorfindel responded evenly. She felt his body relax and his arm wrap around and hug her close to him. From the quietly joyful tone of his voice she could almost hear him smiling as he said, “and you can assume that ‘such a thing,’ as you put it, will take place in the next year or so, maybe less. We have not had the opportunity to discuss a date. Last night I asked her to be my wife and she accepted.”

The yells and shouts of joy that erupted in the room made it very difficult to pretend to be asleep, so she feigned a restless sleepy stir. She had to press her face even further into Glorfindel’s skin to hide the smile that was invading her face and threatening to set up camp.

Ariella missed part of what was said as more voices chattered excitedly. The next part she made out clearly was Elindir saying, “I cannot wait to tell my wife and son. And Elianna! She will be so happy to hear this. Shall we have a betrothal feast prepared for tonight or wait until tomorrow?”

“Thank you. And it does not have to be that soon.” Glorfindel responded.

“Yes, it does.” Celoril answered back. “We cannot have you turning coward and changing your mind.”

“It would be nice if I actually was able to discuss this with Ariella, seeing as she is somewhat directly affected. I think she deserves to have some say in this.” Glorfindel pointed out.

“Why? She is still your ward and you are her lord. You could just tell her when events will take place and she will have to accept it.” Elindir offered.

“I am going to tell your wife you said that.” Celoril threatened.

“Do not even think about telling her!” Elindir warned in a menacing tone.

“Brothers! Peace. Please let Ariella rest for now and I, your elder brother and lord of your house, will tell YOU when these events are to take place. Now go and leave us in peace.” Glorfindel exerted his authority commandingly.

“Very well,” Celoril conceded. “Farewell brother and give our soon-to-be sister a kiss for us.” A lot of shuffling and many murmurs emanated from across the room and peace seemed to reign once again.

She heard and felt Glorfindel sigh wearily. “Is it safe to assume that the entire household now knows of my betrothal or will very shortly?”

Linanna’s husband answered matter-of-factly. “Yes, my lord, in all likelihood.”

“Do you think it possible that you could see to it that this news stays in this house at least until Ariella awakens, and possibly even until we can make some decisions on dates?” Glorfindel asked in exasperation.

“I will see what I can do, my lord. And, may I say on behalf of the household staff: Congratulations! We are very happy for you and for Ariella, whom we have all come to love and respect during the short time she has dwelt among us.”

“Thank you. Thank you very much.” Glorfindel replied humbly, sounding quite touched by the sentiment.

“Sir, would you like for me to have some food sent up and some juice perhaps considering you have not yet broken your fast?”

“Yes, please. That would be most appreciated.”

Ariella heard the door close and muffled voices recede down the hall.

Glorfindel turned toward her and his other arm wrapped around her once more, squeezing her hard against him. He kissed her forehead lingeringly and nestled his head against hers. He sighed and she opened her eyes as his body shook with a soft nervous laugh.

“By the Valar! None of that went as I would have wished. Oh Ariella, I am so sorry. I am so very sorry about that. But I guess it is retribution for my behavior of the last week. Please forgive me for our betrothal being announced in such an embarrassing way.”

She moved her head and looked into his face. He was the one blushing this time. It was a quite attractive shade of crimson and looked nice on him. She smiled mischievously and raised her hand to brush a few stray strands of his exquisite golden hair away from his face. “I understand your enjoyment at seeing me blush.” She tweaked his nose. “That particular shade of red suits you well.” She giggled and he joined her, turning even redder. “Looking on the bright side,” she continued, “at least everyone knows now and they seem to be very happy about it.”

“Yes…that is true,” he replied hesitantly. He pressed his warm flushed forehead to hers and whispered, “I am never ever going to live this down. First I shoot you and then I announce our betrothal while lying half naked in my bed with you curled up asleep by my side.”

Ariella was amused and a little frightened by the way events were unfolding in her life. Unable to think of anything better to do at the moment, she gave him a little kiss, which he returned deeply and more enthusiastically. She buried her fingers in his tangled hair and pressed his face closer to hers. She felt his hand travel up to her face, lightly skimming her back and shoulder.

As they continued the passionate joining of their mouths, she felt his hand slide down her neck, tracing the contours of her body to rest on her hip, leaving a tingling trail in its wake. He pressed her closer as his hips ground firmly against her, showing her the effects their kissing was having on him. Breathing raggedly, he continued the assault her lips while his hand moved to cup and caress her through her clothing.

She moaned at the sensations coursing through her, wanting more. Tentatively her right hand slid down to his hip and around as she began to explore and caress him more intimately as well. He shifted to give her better access, then broke the kiss in order to bring his mouth down to take over where his bold fingers had left off. She held his head to her for a moment, delighting in the ecstasy, then pushed him away.

He looked down at her predatorily, panting, eyes ablaze with passion. She smiled at him, then said breathlessly, “We need to stop.”

Glorfindel continued to gaze at her ravenously, trying to regain his breath. He moved his hand to her shoulder as reason slowly filled his hungry eyes. He rested his head on her shoulder for a few moments, breathing deeply.

Once he had calmed, he rolled over pulling her on top of him. He cupped her face in his hands, pulling her closer as if to kiss her again. “Maybe we should just go ahead and bind ourselves now. We could not possibly embarrass ourselves further.”

“Yes, you could and binding yourselves with an audience would definitely do it.” Linanna’s voice answered severely.

Ariella and Glorfindel froze. She had not heard Linanna enter and, judging by the look of shock on Glorfindel’s rapidly paling face, he had not heard her either.

Glorfindel’s arms dropped to his sides as if in resignation or defeat. Ariella buried her face in Glorfindel’s neck, shaking with laughter. Glorfindel’s arms enveloped her again as he said tolerantly, “Linanna, please tell me you are the only other one in the room with us.”

“Now why would you want my wife to lie to you, my lord?” Linanna’s husband’s voice asked innocently before bursting out laughing.

Glorfindel swore under his breath in an interesting combination of Sindarin and Quenya before admitting defeat. “All right! I surrender. Please end the torture and execute me now!” He threw his arms out across the pillows.

“No, my lord, you have to give the lovely elleth a nice wedding first. She has had precious few happy events of late,” Linanna chided through her own laughter.

“Thank you.” Ariella responded glancing over at Linanna’s triumphantly smiling face and watching as she placed a tray of food on the table beside the bed. She appreciated the way Linanna was always looking out for her.

Linanna’s husband turned to face them after placing juice and wine on the same table, along with some glasses. “My lord, before we left Valinor, your father took Linanna and me aside and asked us to look after his children and you in particular. While I do not think he would have been particularly impressed with the circumstances under which you met Ariella or in which you announced your betrothal, I do think he would be most pleased with your choice of her as your bride. And for what it is worth, Linanna and I await the task of looking after your children with great anticipation.”

Ariella noticed an odd look on Glorfindel’s face as he replied, “I had not thought of what my father would say. It seems strange to think that I will wed and he will not be here to witness it.” He wrapped Ariella in his arms again, closed his eyes and exhaled slowly. Then he opened his eyes and responded softly, “Thank you for telling me this.”

“You are welcome, my lord.” The reply came with a bow as Linanna and her husband left the room, closing the door firmly behind them.

The expression on Glorfindel’s face spoke of regret and memories best left forgotten. Ariella rolled off of him and propped herself up on an elbow, eying him with concern. She brushed his cheek with her fingertips. “Are you all right?” she asked softly.

“No, no I am not,” he replied quietly, closing his eyes and laying his arm across his forehead. “I am feeling the weight of the Curse of the Noldor once again. It was foretold that all good things that we begin here in this land will end in ruin.

“My parents will miss the wedding of their eldest son. They have never seen their grandchildren. And I guess they never will as Valinor is closed to us forever, unless we return by Mandos’ Halls at our deaths. My parents begged us not to go, but we did not listen. Before I left, my father told me that he foresaw that I would wed and have children here.” Glorfindel swallowed hard. “He also said that in a single night I would lose all that I had gained here, including my beloved brothers and sister and their families, too, before I lost my own life.” He opened his piercing grey eyes and placed his hand on her cheek. “I do not want to lose you. I came so close to that last night. I want to spend eternity with you, but my heart warns me that our time together will be brief.”

He was silent for a time, gently caressing her face and looking at her as if he were memorizing her features. Ariella did not want to tell him that his father was right. She also did not want to tell him that she was mortal and that he would be returning from Mandos’ Halls, even returning to Middle Earth, only to be alone once more. Instead, she reached out and laid her hand on his cheek.

“Let us not wait the customary year to wed,” she whispered. “Let us wed sooner.”

He nodded. “How about at the feast of the Gates of Summer?”

Ariella thought about it for a moment. That would give them exactly or almost exactly 22 years together as husband and wife, depending on when she died during the fall of Gondolin. She forced a smile to fight back the sadness she suddenly felt. “That would be most fitting as it is the anniversary of when I awoke and officially met you.”

Glorfindel smiled, pulling her close and wrapping her in a warm, tight embrace, the length of their bodies pressed together once more. “The Gates of Summer it shall be then, my love.”


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