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The Forest of Mirkwood

Chapter 1: The Forest of Mirkwood

by Arandil

Listen my friends
I will tell you a story
about a strange place
that is very outdoor-y.

This place is a forest.
With trees all around
that reach down from the sky
all the way to the ground.

Mirkwood is the name
of the forest. It’s grand!
Although it has creatures
that may bite your hand.

Or your foot or your elbow,
your shoulder; your nose;
Or maybe they might bite
your smallest of toes.

For Spiders live there!
No, not little in size,
But great giant spiders
with great giant eyes!

And if the huge Spiders don’t
Beat you or
Eat you
the Enchanted River
will surely defeat you.

But don’t be so glum, my friend,
don’t be so gloomy,
not everything in
the Great Forest is doom-y.

There live there some others,
a friendlier bunch,
and I have an inkling,
yes I have a Hunch

That when you do meet them,
this friendlier crew,
you’ll find that you like them.
You’ll find that you do!

They’re Elves! Yes they are,
and Wood-Elves to boot!
These Wood-Elves will share with you
berries and fruit.

They’ll share with you peaches!
They’ll share with you honey!
They’ll share with you stories
and songs that are funny.

They’ll share with you everything
good, clean and fun.
(And if you are lucky
they’ll share the king’s son!)

So if you should come
to the Forest of Mirkwood,
it may not be sunny.
It may not all be good.

But it will be something
you'll treasure for years
if you meet the Elves with
their pointy-ish ears.

So take care in Mirkwood!
Take care of yourself!
And if you come back,
Please! Please! Bring me an Elf!!!


Written in the style of the beloved Dr. Seuss.