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House of the Golden Flower

Chapter 1: Golden Flower

by Anieni

“Look at the stars,” she whispered, her head rested on the crook of his shoulder her long golden hair spread on the soft grass beneath them, “they are so beautiful.”

“Not as beautiful as you, my golden beauty.”

The salty air breeze blew some strands of hair into her eyes as she sat up, his hand caught them, distractedly playing with the golden locks, he finally said the words that had been caught in his heart since first setting eyes on her.

“I would some day see a son of mine with golden hair as yours playing on this beach and holding your hand. If you granted me that much.”

Taking his hand to her heart she bowed her head, “why must you leave then?”

“I have been summoned, but I shall return and never leave your side again.” The same hand she had been holding to her heart lifted her chin and dried the tears that had escaped her eyes.

“I would like to have something to remember you by, until you return.”

“You hold my heart, what else could I give you?” His strong hands brought her closer to him when he saw his words had had the desired effect and a smile lit her radiant features.

Tender kisses turned into passionate caresses as the hours went by, he made love to her slowly, savoring every instant. When the time for him to leave came she watched from the shore, the bright stars above where the only witnesses as she spoke to her son for the first time.

“Together we shall wait for his return, my little golden lord, my new love.” This time no tears fell as she walked back home, instead there was a small smile as she walked and absently caressed her cheek; where his hand had rested minutes before as he kissed her one last time.


It was the music; the stars sang to her, the river hummed, the earth played a symphony. She was enchanted and could not stop her feet from moving as if their own volition. The magical sounds of nature guided her to a secluded pond far from all of her kin; she sat on a large boulder and dipped her toes into the fresh sparkling water that reflected the stars above.

Closing her eyes, she gently swayed to the melody. “Can you hear it little one? Can you hear the music the stars and the river make for you?” The babe responded by kicking, she caressed her abdomen and smiled. “The stars love you already, and when you are born you will see their beauty as I do now.”

Invisible to her eyes, the spirits of water and air observed the one that had responded to their call, a soft breeze caressed her and the water swirled and sang as it descended the rocky path from the pond to continue traveling down the river.

Countless hours went by as she listened, when she felt tired she found a soft patch of grass and laid down to sleep. Her long blond hair spread around her as a halo, her left hand beneath her cheek and her right one protectively covered her stomach shielding the babe.

The spirits felt as enamored with her as she was with the stars. It was that love what gave them the strength to take on a physical form. She woke to find two beautiful creatures quietly observing her, their long silver hair shone brightly as if the stars from heaven had been woven into it, their clear blue eyes were the color of the water as they looked upon her kindly. Blinking in surprise she sat up, sensing her distress the male started humming the same melody that had lead her there, it was as if a magic spell had been cast. She felt content and safe in their company.

Fruit and fresh water were offered to her. A soft bedding of moss was prepared and the trees provided refuge for her from the wind and rain. The spirits magic created a safe heaven where she thrived and her beauty grew with each passing day, she completely lost track of time, every thing she needed was provided for by her magical guardians, the only evidence that in fact time slowly trickled was her growing abdomen.

Although her existence was peaceful and free of all danger there was never a dull moment, conversation with her spirit friends was always interesting. They taught her the power of healing plants and herbs, the cycles of nature, of the small and large creatures that dwelled in the forests, lakes and rivers.

Life was good for Alaturinë all memories of her previous life among her kin faded and there was no longing anymore for the return of her loved one. In her private heaven not much changed, until the day for the babe to be born came.

“Nénu! It hurts! It hurts so much!” She cried as the cramp like feeling spread through her lower back.

Nénu rubbed her shoulders and helped her to get up. “We must get to the water, it will be easier on you and safer for the child, come,” she prodded gently. The minute she got up warm water poured out of her body. Lindë picked her up in his strong arms and she cuddled like an elfling, in a few steps he took her to the shallow pond Nénu had selected earlier, tiny blankets had been neatly folded and placed on one of the boulders by the edge.

Their beautiful voices sang her favorite songs relaxing her and soothing her fears, with their help a few hours later she held her son in the safety of her arms. Lindë and Nénu, cleaned the babe and took her back to her soft bed, they wrapped her up in blankets and kept watch over the new mother and her child as she peacefully slept cradling him. When the babe stirred woken by hunger Alaturinë caressed the small head crowned with soft golden curls.

She fed him and once he had fallen asleep again she walked with her sleeping infant son in her arms to the river’s edge. Nénu and Lindë flanked her as she lifted him high above her head and presented him to the shining stars above.

“Cen, hinya!”

Nénu raised one of her flowers to the sky and then gently placed it on the elfling’s blanket. “This child has my protection, this flower I present shall become the symbol to represent him. Manaquenta Lord of the Golden Flower.”

Alaturinë handed the sleeping elfling to Lindë, as soon as he held him bright blue eyes opened and looked at him, a tiny fist grabbed his index finger and eagerly tried to suck on it, the kind spirit smiled and gently ruffled his golden locks. His clear voice rang through the forest carried by the wind.

May Iluvatar bless you and protect you.
May Iluvatar show you kindness and be gracious to you.
May Iluvatar bestow favor upon you and grant you peace.

He then handed the child back to his mother. In the following weeks she regained her strength, yet every time she looked at the tiny elfling that completely depended on her she was reminded of her love. He had his father’s looks and his mother’s golden hair.

She started longing to return and seek him, as her longing grew stronger Lindë and Nénu grew fainter until one day they returned to their invisible spirit form.

Thus it was that Alaturinë started the return journey to her land and kin with Nénu and Lindë by her side.

Notes: To the best of my knowledge these are the Quenya translations:

Alaturinë Unmastered
Nénu: yellow (golden) water lily
Lindë: tune, song, singing
Cen hinya: Behold my child
Manaquenta: Blessed

Author's note, this was going to be a longer story, unfortunately I ran into some issues with Glorfindel's intended father, he still has not returned from his mysterious journey. But if he does I will reveal the mystery as it was originally intended to be. Hope you enjoyed this little story on what could have been the origin of his house name.