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Oaths Foresworn

Chapter 2: Author's afterword and thanks

by Rhapsody

This amazing vignette has made it to the Mithril Awards 2005 finals for 'Best Best Vignette or Short Story' and ' Best Silmarillion'. Besides that, I am deeply honoured by winning the 1st place in the MEFA 2006 general subcategory for First Age and Prior.

I owe you so much, my wonderful readers & reviewers, friends who shook their pom poms all the way and have shown so much support that I cannot put it to words right now. Many thanks go to my friend Isil Elensar, for the inspiration and her request to me, to write Amrod's final moments. My love and thanks goes out to my husband and babyson, for giving me the wings to fly. And not the very least Sophia Silfaery: thank you for the beta-read and encouragement.

Mithril Award 2005 finalist MEFA 2006 winner of the 1st place for First Age and Prior


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Author's afterword and thanks
16 Dec 2006
Last Edited
16 Dec 2006