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Naneth - Farewell

Chapter 1: Naneth - Farewell

by Aearwen

You said, we need to say farewell,
You know you soon will pass and I shall not mourn.
How does it feel not to mourn - I ask.
It means, not to be sad - you answer.

My long life sated me, it is time to go - you said
Gave me a kiss and ordered me to walk under the light,
Over the meadows and to the fountains you love.

We dreamed to be here,
You told me about it so often,
We longed to see the eagles fly,
You taught me to cherish the light,
And to see the beauty of the sun.

When you remember me - in the warmth of the sun
You will feel me,
You can not touch me and still I will be there - you said
As long as you think of me, I will be there.

Now you left me and I wander under the light,
I think of you as much as I can
And nonetheless I start to weep - hidden from the others
I miss you,
There are so many things to tell,
So many things only you can understand -
Do you know how I now feel?

You understood well - all that I said
You comforted me - when I cried

Alas, you are right - I feel you near!
Not like you were beside me - not real
And still, it is true
I think of you - and you are here.

And still Naneth, I miss you.