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Leaves on the Wind (Signalling Storm)

Chapter 5: 22 NŠeriŽ

by NancyBrooke

22 NŠeriŽ

Boromir Ė

I send you this note huddled within my formal request for reinforcements to assure you I am well, but hard pressed.

Two nights ago in the dark of the moon they came, swarming from every crevice in the Ephel Duath like rats sensing flood. Our combat has thus far been like a surgeonís knife Ė deep but swift; we could do nothing to staunch such a flow.

We have fallen back to Osgiliath and hold the city and the Eastern shore. But we are too few, fewer now, and vulnerable.

If you have received this I may know by moon fall; that you have answered it to the full measure of our need I can not know soon enough.

The time of our separation is over, Brother; the time of reunion is nigh. I will look for you on the banks of the Anduin before weekís end.

Come not alone.

It has begun.



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22 NŠeriŽ
04 Sep 2003
Last Edited
04 Sep 2003