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Moon Friend: Tales of Isildur

Chapter 1: Moon Devotion

by ElenaTiriel

Moon Devotion

'Tis folly, under Isil's full glare, to hazard a foray to defy Nimloth's fiery doom! But urgency prevails, and the moon is shrouded...

I flee into the market-square, concealing the bloodied fruit under my cloak -- only to find throngs of festival-mantled revelers milling about, gathered to witness the moon's creeping blush. They gasp, delighted, as Isil abruptly parts clouds to flaunt the glory of his copper patina.

Sauron's arrogant guards dog my heels... But, unbidden, the citizens of Armenelos casually arrange themselves athwart my pursuers' path. I melt away unrecognized....

Should I survive, I will build monuments to Isil's abetting.


"And Sauron urged the King to cut down the White Tree, Nimloth the Fair, that grew in his courts ...

... when Amandil heard rumour of the evil purpose of Sauron he was grieved to the heart, knowing that in the end Sauron would surely have his will. Then he spoke to Elendil and the sons of Elendil, recalling the tale of the Trees of Valinor; and Isildur said no word, but went out by night and did a deed for which he was afterwards renowned. For he passed alone in disguise to Armenelos and to the courts of the King ... and he came to the place of the Tree, which was forbidden to all by the orders of Sauron, and the Tree was watched day and night by guards in his service. At that time Nimloth was dark and bore no bloom, for it was late in the autumn, and its winter was nigh; and Isildur passed through the guards and took from the Tree a fruit that hung upon it, and turned to go. But the guard was aroused, and he was assailed, and fought his way out, receiving many wounds; and he escaped, and because he was disguised it was not discovered who had laid hands on the Tree."

The Silmarillion, Akallabęth

"An eclipse of the Moon (or lunar eclipse) can only occur at Full Moon, and only if the Moon passes through some portion of the Earth's shadow."



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Moon Devotion
10 Jun 2006
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10 Jun 2006